10 Jaw-dropping sights on Google Earth you won’t believe are real


Using various Satellites located in geosynchronous orbit that snap really bad images of Earth, to extremely sophisticated satellites that capture high-resolution images, aerial photos from airplanes, drones, balloons and nearly everything else that can fly, Google Earth takes what it can to compile the most complete imagery of our planet.

Everything compiled is available for free via their software to anyone who is willing to explore the planet, taking advantage of this rich source.






The enigmatic symbols at the Gobi Desert




Located in the Gobi Desert are an array of strange structures and patterns that were carved into China’s Gobi desert.  The mysterious features ni the Gobi Desert are composed of an intricate grid of perfectly straight lines that weave back and forth every few hundred feet for over thirty kilometers.




An Alien Bunker?


If we travel to the desert floor near Mesa Huerfanita in New Mexico we will find a pair of huge mysterious symbols on the surface.

According to author John Sweeney, the pair of overlapping circles are the marks of a hidden bunker that belongs to the Church of Scientology.



如果你到鄰近新墨西哥州Mesa Huerfanita地區的沙漠旅行,你會發現地表上有一對巨大的神秘符號。根據作家 John Sweeney的說法,這一對重疊的圓圈是一個隱藏掩體的記號,而且這個掩體屬於山達基教。







Lake of Blood


At coordinates 33.396157° N, 44.486926° E, we find another mysterious sight. Just outside the city of Sadr in Iraq, there is a blood-red lake. The Lake has changed in color throughout the years with reports stating that the lake has changed from Red, Blue to a green color. So far, no official explanation has been given.


在北緯33.396157 度與東經44.486926 處,我們發現另一個神秘的景象。就在伊拉克薩德市外,有一座血紅的湖。這座湖的顏色在數年中一直改變,報導說這座湖的顏色從紅色變藍色又變成綠色。目前,還沒有任何官方解釋。


The MASSIVE Indian Head


If we take a look at Coordinates 50°00’38.2″N 110°06’48.3″W, we will come across one of the most mysterious features identified on Google Earth. Known as the Badlands Guardian—also known as Indian Head—the strange figure is a geomorphological feature located near Medicine Hat in the southeast corner of Alberta, Canada.  The feature was originally discovered by Lynn Hickox while examining images on the Google Earth application in November 2006.


在北緯50 度零分38.2 秒和西經110 度六分48.3 秒的地方,我們會遇到谷歌地球所捕捉到的其中一個最神秘的事物。這個事物以「荒地守護者(Badlands Guardian)」的名號廣為人知,他也被叫做「印地安人頭像( Indian Head)」,這個奇怪的東西是靠近加拿大亞伯達省梅迪辛哈特東南角的一個地理特徵。這個東西的發現者是Lynn Hickox,當時是2006 年十一月,他正在瀏覽谷歌地球應用程式的影像。


The enigmatic Pentagon


Another strange feature seen on Google Earth can be found on the wind-blown steppes of central Asia, in an isolated corner of Kazakhstan, where we can find a large pentagram, measuring roughly 366 meters in diameter, etchedinto our planet’s surface. Many have linked the strange feature to devil worship, nefarious religious sects or denizens of the underworld, but the truth is that the strange Pentagon is I fact the outline of a park .

另一個谷歌地球上的奇怪物體可以在有風吹拂的中亞草原上發現,在哈薩克斯坦一個孤立角落,我們可以發現一個巨大的五角星,粗略估計直徑有366 公尺,它被蝕刻在我們的地表上。很多人會聯想到惡魔崇拜、邪惡教派、另一個世界的居民。但是事實上這個奇怪的五角星其實是一座公園的外輪廓。



A Lost Island?





In 2012, a group of Australian researchers found what appeared to be an undiscovered Island located in the South Pacific. Called Sandy Island, the mysterious landmass popped up on maps just northwest of New Caledonia. In 2012, Scientist decided to verify the discovery but found nothing but open water instead of solid ground.

What happened to the island?  There are many who believe that this area marks the entrance to a mysterious underwater base, that every once in a while, opens up becoming visible to satellites.


在2012 年,一組澳洲研究人員團隊發現,有一座沒有被發現過的島嶼位在南太平洋上。它被叫做「珊迪島(Sandy Island)」。這座神秘島嶼出現在地圖上,就在新喀里多尼亞的西北方。2012 年,科學家決定去確認這個發現,但是卻什麼都沒找到,只有一片開闊的海洋,而沒有堅實的土地。



Lost Pyramids?


Pyramids are located all around the globe. Wherever

Many pyramids are waiting to be discovered. This image from Google Earth shows an anomaly which according to many is evidence of a lost—unexcavated—pyramid.




Ancient Stonehenge-like circles in Jordan


Google Earth has been one of the most useful tools for archaeologists and researchers. Satellite images have helped experts discover wheel-shaped structures that may date back some 8,500 years, making them older than Peru’s more famous geoglyphs the Nazca Lines.


谷歌地球對考古學家、研究人員來說是最好用的工具之一。衛星影像幫助專家們發現這個輪狀結構,這個結構可以被追溯到8500 年前,也就是說這些結構比秘魯知名的圖騰「納斯卡線( Nazca Lines)」還古老。


An Ancient Swastika


With the help of satellite and aerial images, experts have discovered more than 50 massive geoglyphs that stretch across northern Kazakhstan in Central Asia. Experts believe the enigmatic geoglyphs date back around 2000 years.


有了空拍衛星圖片的幫助,專家們發現了超過50 個巨大圖騰,它們遍佈在中亞的哈薩克斯坦北部。專家們相信這些神秘的圖騰可以被追溯到大約2000 年前。


Australian UFO?


If we take a look at coordinates 30°30’38.44″S 115°22’56.03″E, we will find a strange triangle dotted with bright lights in the middle of a field. When the mysterious feature was first discovered in 2007, ufologists were quick to call it a triangle UFO” caught in the act of hovering above Earth.

Other Google Earth users say it may be an antenna associated with a nearby remote-controlled wind farm.


如果我們看著南緯30 度30 分38.44 秒和東經115 度22 分56.03 秒的地方,我們會發現一個奇怪的三角形閃著亮光,這東西就位在農地中間。當這個神秘物體在2007 年被第一次拍到,幽浮專家們很快地幫它取了一個名字「三角幽浮」,他們認為它被拍到的當下正盤旋在地球上空。