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290million year old human footprint has researchers scratching their heads


Is it possible that we have history all wrong? That the dates that conventional history is giving us regarding mankind are all incorrect? That humans lived on Earth much sooner that science originally thought so? With all of the recent discoveries that are being made, it certainly seems like a possibility. A Possibility that mainstream scholars seem to have a problem with, since that would mean our history book would need to be rewritten? The origin of man and the fundamentals of religions would change a lot, and that is something that mainstream scholars cannot possibly deal with.





At first this footprint might not seem like much, as you can probably come across it anywhere on Earth, but this is no ordinary footprint. You can obviously see the anatomy of it, it resembles a modern-day human foot, but the thing is, this footprint is fossilized and embedded into a stone that researchers believe is at around 290 million years old. That is a gigantic missing period of time that if proven to be accurate will change a lot of things in society as we know it today.


一開始這腳印好像沒什麼,你隨便在地球任何一個角落都會發現一個,但是這並不是普通的腳印。你可以很清楚地看到它的構造,它與現代人的腳印如出一轍,但是這個腳印是嵌入在石頭中的化石,研究人員相信它有2.9 億歲。如果這個腳印是真的,我們的歷史就有一段巨大的真空,而那可以造成今日社會的巨大改變。


The discovery of the 290 million year old footprint was made in New Mexico by paleontologist Jerry MacDonald in 1987. In the vicinity of this mysterious footprint there are fossilized impressions of birds and other animals. The discovery of the human impression has left MacDonald particularly puzzled and not he or anyone who has seen and studied the impression has not been able to explain how this modern footprint could have been located in the Permian strata, which according to scholars dates from 290 to 248 million years, a time period which occurred long before man or even birds and dinosaurs existed on this planet, of course, that is according to modern science and scientific thinking.


這個有2.9 億歲的腳印是在新墨西哥州,由古生物學家Jerry MacDonald在1987 年發現的。在這個謎樣腳印的附近有鳥類和其他動物的化石痕跡。這個人類痕跡的發現讓MacDonald陷入困惑,任何人包括他都未曾見過或研究過這樣的痕跡,根本無法解釋為何這個現代人的腳印會印在二疊紀地層,也就是學者根據現代科學的科學思維,所認定在2.9 到2.48 億年前,一個人類、甚至鳥類或恐龍都還不存在於這個星球上的時間段。


Should we change the way we think and look at things? Or should we accept modern-day scientific thinking which suggests, there is no way that is a human footprint dating back 290 millions of years. It seems to be an ongoing debate between people who firmly believe that history is wrong, and those who point out that all of these mysterious findings are actually a hoax and have nothing to do with reality.

This 290 million year old footprint has been categorized by paleontologists as problematic as they do not seem to understand the way it got there, and better yet, who left it there. Basically some would say that to prove that this footprint which dates back 290 million years isn’t a fake, all we have to do is find something similar to it, and researchers have found numerous unexplainable things that can be connected with this footprint found in New Mexico.


我們應該改變我們思考、看事物的方式嗎?或是我們應該接受現代科學思維,認定不可能有2.9 億年前的人類足跡?一場有兩派人馬的辯論持續著,一方認為歷史是錯誤的,一方認為這些不可思議的發現絕對是惡作劇,與現實一點關係都沒有。這個2.9 億年前的腳印被古生物學家視為無解的問題,他們無從得知它從哪來,或是說,誰留在那的。基本上一些學者表示,我們只要找到一些與它相似的事物,就可以證明這個2.9 億年前的足跡不是假的,而研究人員已經在新墨西哥州找到非常多可以與這個足跡連結的,無法解釋的事物。



In this image we see a similar footprint dating back millions of years, the only difference is that this footprint is gigantic and located in Africa.




Researchers have had mixed feelings about this footprint, and they don’t seem to try very hard to debunk it, nor have they argued about the authenticity of the footprint. According to most researchers, they comment on the matter saying that ” It just looks like a human footprint”. Well, it doesn’t only look like one, it clearly is one.