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世界最健康過百歲居民的8 個生活秘密

In a lost kingdom high in the Himalayan mountainslive a people with incredible secrets for longevity – the Hunzas. They often to the tender age of 145 years.


This is an important distinction to make of the Hunza people.


When you compare this state of living within the Hunza community withthe American way of life;we’re known for being obese,spending more for pharmaceutical drugsthan any other country in the world, and repeatedlyfairing poorly on sociological tests to measure happiness–  you might deduce we have a lot to learn from them.


在喜馬拉雅群山中有一個神秘的王國,那裡的人不可思議地長壽,他們擁有長壽的秘密,他們是罕薩族(Hunza),他們有許多人活到高壽145 歲,這是罕薩族的一個重要特徵。




Hunza vs. the Western Lifestyle

罕薩族生活vs. 西方式生活

The Hunzas live almost twice as long as the average American – without taking copiouspharmaceutical meds, without driving expensive new cars, and without a Whole Foods on every corner of suburbia.


Their very lifestyle makes you question everything we hold ‘sacred’ in this country.


罕薩族的壽命比美國人平均壽命要多兩倍,他們不用大量的成藥、不開名貴的新車、他們沒有開在每個郊區角落的有機超市「Whole Foods」。




The Hunza Secrets to Longevity


  • Use Food as Medicine and Eat Frugally.


The Hunza’s climate is harsh due to its geographical location, so they eat frugally. The ‘breaking-of-their-fast,’ or breakfast, combined with small, mostly vegetarian and whole grain meals likely keep their digestive systems healthy.




Evolutionary biologist Dr. Margo Adler said that cutting back on food leads to increased rates of “cellular recycling” and repair mechanisms in the body. This meansslower agingbecause our cells are ‘recycled.’


演化生物學家Margo Adler博士說:「節食讓細胞循環和體內修復機制的速率增加,也就是延緩老化,因為我們的細胞循環再造。」


Comparatively, due to all the added refined carbs and sugars, Americans are often consuming many more calories in every meal than they really need– not to mention they aren’t getting any cellular regeneration from good nutrition. Six bodily tissues are regeneratedentirely by the nutritious foods we eat.

Unlike most Westerners, Hunzas eat primarily for the establishment and maintenance of healthrather than for pleasure.






  1. Pristine Food, Water, Soil and Air Quality


Hunza food iscompletely natural, containing no chemical additives. The Western diet is full of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, genetically modified organisms, processing chemicals, sugars, fake sugars, MSG, artificial ‘flavors,’ and sometimes evenformaldehyde.  The Hunza’s way to process fruit is to let it dry in the sun. They ‘process’ milk and cheese, but with no chemicals or hormones. It is against Hunza law to spray their gardens with pesticides.

The entire way of life for a Hunza is ORGANIC.







  1. Eat Less Meat



Though the Hunzas do eat meat about once a week, primarily chicken or fish.  They instead focus on organic fruits and vegetables.




  1. A Known Cancer Cure


The Hunza people also have a particular appetite for apricot pits. These seeds contain Laeterile, or Vitamin B 17 which isknown to kill cancer cells. Perhaps this is why cancer is practically unheard of in the Hunza village.




  1. Protect Your Gut Health


The Hunza’s also typically consume yoghurt, which replenishes their healthy gut flora. Anothercountry which consumes a lot of yoghurt is Bulgaria, and they have 1,666 centenarians per million people in their populace. The West is lucky if we have 9 per million. Our microbiome– our gut flora – is key to determining our immune health and longevity.


罕薩族常攝取優格,這讓他們的腸道菌叢得到補充。另一個攝取許多優格的國家是保加利亞,他們每一百萬人中有1666 人超過一百歲,而西方則是每一百萬人中有九個人超過一百歲就算幸運了。我們的微生物,也就是我們的腸道菌叢,是決定我們免疫系統的健康和長壽的關鍵。


  1. Daily Exercise Outdoors


The Hunzasspend most of their days in nature– outdoors, in fresh air.   Sure, we go to the gym, but nothing compares to hiking on uneven terrainfor hours every day in a pristine, natural setting.




  1. Eat Unprocessed Bread Containing All Needed Enzymes


The Hunza also eat lots of nuts and seeds, but their favorite addition to any meal is ‘chapatti’ .


Leaving the germ intact makes storing flour-based products more difficult for the food industry, but Hunza women credit this bread for allowing them to give birth well into their 60s. Ourentire hormonal system relies on Vitamin E, and other nutrients for increased libido and vitality.


罕薩族吃很多堅果和種子,但是他們最愛的每餐食物是印度麥餅(chapatti)。保持胚芽的完整會讓食品工業的麵粉食品的儲存變得困難,但是罕薩族女性表示這樣的麵包讓他們能在六十幾歲時順利地生產。我們的整個內分泌系統要依靠維他命E 以及其他營養成分來增加性慾和活力。


  1. The Final Hunza Secret? Meditation and Frequent Breaks


In the West we work at stressfulbreak-neck speeds, rarely taking a moment to focus on our breath, or to just feel gratitude for being alive.  They spend alone-time looking within, and consider communing with the soul, paramount to their happiness.