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It can easily be said that this is the longest—and probably largest—evidence of our current climate catastrophe ever caught on camera. Regrettably, it wasn’t the first nor last.
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Photographer James Balog and his team traveled to Greenland to examine a glacier when their cameras captured something incredible. James and his colleagues were gathering images from cameras that had been deployed around the Arctic circle over a period of three years. Just imagine everything the cameras recorded.

這可以說是最長、或許是最大的、可以證明我們目前的氣候突變( climate catastrophe )的攝影證據。很遺憾地,這不會是第一個,也不會是最後一個。( 下拉以觀賞影片 )
當攝影師 James Balog 以及他的團隊旅行到格陵蘭去檢查一座冰川,他們的攝影機捕捉到一些難以置信的東西。James Balog 和他的同事收集攝影機的影像,而這些攝影機被設置在北極圈周圍長達三年。想像一下這些攝影機拍下了什麼?

Balog and his team were filming material fro a documentary and were looking for good shots to feature in the film, but none of them was prepared to see what would soon unfold in front of them.
James Blog who is an expert in nature photography never really thought much of climate change and did not believe what scientists were saying for years in regards to global warming.
“I didn’t think that humans were capable of changing the basic physics and chemistry of this entire, huge planet. It didn’t seem probable, it didn’t seem possible,” Balog says.

James Balog 和他的團隊為製作紀錄片而錄製製作材料,並且到處物色好的取景鏡頭,但是誰都沒有心理準備看到展現在他們面前的東西。 James Blog 是一位自然攝影的專家,他沒有真的思考過氣候變遷,也不相信科學家幾年來所說的全球暖化。James Balog:「 我不覺得人類可以改變這個星球的基本物理和化學現象。這不像真的,也不可能。」

Balog and his crew stood by and watched as a piece of ice the size of lower Manhattan.
James Balog 和他的團隊看著一塊和曼哈頓下城一樣大的冰。

During a National Geographic commissioned exposure in the Arctic, he saw what was happening to earth in frist hand.
In fact, after early ten years, Balogs’ film “Chasing Ice” premiered, and he determined to document the melting of glaciers with a swarm of cameras. And it was during this time that Balog and his team recorded one of the scariest yet spectaculat scences ever recorded.

Balog and his team saw a CHUNK of ice mass, the size of Lower Manhattan break up in front of them. In fact, the moment was so spectacular that the event was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records and clearly shows how serious the situation is for Earth’s climate.

在國家地理委託他曝光北極影像的期間,他能看到地球所遭遇的一切的第一手影像。事實上,在早先的十年之後, James Balog 的電影「 逐冰之旅( Chasing Ice )」舉行了首映,他決心用許多攝影機來拍攝影片,以此證明冰川的融化。 James Balog 和他的團隊錄下了世界上其中一個最可怕、也最壯觀的情景。

James Balog 和他的團隊看到一塊巨大的冰川,尺寸和曼哈頓下城一樣大,就在他們眼前破裂。事實上,那一刻是如此壯觀以至於這個事件被記錄在金氏世界紀錄大全( Guinness Book of Records )中,同時也清楚展現地球氣候的處境有多岌岌可危。

All GIFs and images via Exposure Labs.
所有的 GIF 檔和圖片都由 Exposure Labs 提供。

As far as most of us are concerned, what Balog and his team recorded on camera was an unprecedented geological disaster. Regrettably, it wasn’t the first, nor last time.
In fact recently, researchers uncovered a massive crack in the Antarctic Ice shelf Larsen C, and experts believe it will soon break off and could become an iceberg that is twice the size of the smallest European country. Antarctic ice Larsen C is the fourth largest ice shelf in Antarctica. Nature has reported that since early this year, its crack has moved at least 10 kilometers more. As of the moment, the crack is already 175 kilometers long.
Global warming is the main reason that the crack in Larsen C is getting longer. It is also getting longer faster than the first Larsens, A and B. The Larsen C crack has upped to a factor of eight, says Eric Rignot, a glaciologist at the University of California, Irvine.

大部分的我們都瞭解到 James Balog 和他的團隊所錄下的影片內容是史無前例的地質災害。很遺憾地,這不會是第一次,也不會是最後一次。

事實上就在最近,研究人員揭露一個巨大的分裂發生在南極冰架的拉森冰架 C( Larsen C ),而且專家相信它很快就會崩裂,成為一座比歐洲最小的國家大兩倍的冰山。南極拉森冰架 C 是南極的第四大冰架。《自然》( Nature )報導,從今年初開始,它的崩裂已經至少增加 10 公里。在那時,裂縫已經有 175 公里長。

全球暖化是拉森冰架 C 的裂縫正越來越長的主要原因。它比拉森冰架 A 和 B 的裂得更快。加州大學爾灣分校的冰川學家 Eric Rignot 說,拉森冰架 C 的裂縫已經變得有八倍大。

Here’s the entire video of the crumbling glacier:

“CHASING ICE” captures largest glacier calving ever filmed – OFFICIAL VIDEO

「 逐冰之旅 」捕捉到史上所拍到過的最大的冰川裂冰作用 – 官方影片


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