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Augmented Reality Is Bringing The Internet To Life



   •     Augmented reality seeks to allow users to not only connect to the internet but to also experience it outside the confines of a computer monitor.

   •     AR, VR, and MR (mixed reality) are technological tools that will enhance and move our digital capabilities forward into a new era.




擴增實境(Augmented reality)不只讓使用者與網路連結,也能讓他們在電腦螢幕之外體驗網路內容。


擴增實境(Augmented Reality,簡稱AR)、虛擬實境(virtual realityVR)、混合實境(mixed reality,MR )是能讓我們的數位能力增強並進展到新時代的科技工具。


In the early 90’s the World Wide Web came online and with it came most people’s introduction to the internet.


At first, it was just this thing that existed on the fringes of society, used by a select few who were mostly captivated by the novelty of being able to beam information around the world instantly. It only had a few sites, and there really wasn’t much to do. Eventually, as more and more content was created, it sucked everyone in. Now, it has become impossible for anyone to live in society without a connection.


在90 年代早期,全球資訊網(World Wide Web)上線,讓許多人進入網路的世界。




The internet is taking its next steps through AR, augmented reality, and its more popular cousin, virtual reality. What they allow users to do is rather than interacting with the internet through a screen, they place the user inside the internet and allow them to interact with it in a three-dimensional space. Where virtual reality plunges users inside new worlds, augmented reality plasters the digital world over top of the real world.

Seeing is believing. If you get the chance, give it a shot, till then watch this demonstration of Microsoft’s Hololens to get a sense of what it will enable you to do.


目前,網路正藉由「擴增實境」、以及它比較受歡迎的表兄弟「虛擬實境」來邁向下一階段。它們讓使用者不需透過螢幕就能與網路有更多互動。它們讓使用者置身於網路中,讓他們在3D 空間中與網路互動。虛擬實境讓使用者置身在新世界中,擴增實境則讓數位世界凌駕在真實世界之上。


眼見為憑。如果你有機會試試看,微軟的全息眼鏡(Microsofts Hololens)可以讓你體驗這些新科技帶來的新功能。



Microsoft HoloLens Review, the future is here NOW!





It is still early days, the hardware is not quite there yet and the applications are still very limited. But as you read this there are people all over the world working to populate our world with AR applications that will leave the real world looking empty and dull.

 Imagine sitting across the table in a meeting with someone, and beside them, as you are looking at them, an info-graphic pops open telling you everything you need to know about them. Or traveling to the Amazon and instantly seeing everything you want to know about every plant and animal you look at. Or sparing with Muhammad Ali and playing 1 on 1 with Michael Jordan.




The biggest application will probably be in how we educate kids.  To compete for their attention, we are going to need to bring the digital world into the classroom and AR provides an ideal tool for doing that. Rather than having kids squint at blackboard and projectors, they will have interactive lessons rendered in front of them.

Another term you might hear is MR, mixed reality. The line between MR and AR is a little blurry as they both lack clear definitions. The most hyped piece of MR is from a company called Magic Leap. They have managed to raise 1.4 billion dollars in funding to keep their super secretive project going. All we have are a few leaked videos of what it could do two years ago.


最大的應用或許會出現在兒童教育方面。為了吸引他們的注意力,我們需要將數位世界帶入教室,擴增實境可以提供這類用途的理想工具。比起讓孩子無聊地瞪著黑板和投影機,呈現在他們面前的互動課程要好得多。你可能聽過另一個名詞「混合實境」。混合實境和擴增實境之間的界線有點模糊,因為它們都缺乏清楚的定義。混合實境最有名的作品是來自一家叫Magic Leap的公司。他們籌資了14 億美金的資金,好讓公司的超級秘密計畫可以繼續進行。關於這個計畫,我們只能從兩年前的些許影片得知一些訊息,它們透露了此計畫所包含的功能。



Magic Leap Demo

Magic Leap樣本影片






It has been just over 20 years since the internet was introduced to the masses through the world wide web and look at all that is has done in that time. Nothing has ever had a greater impact on as many people in such a short amount of time. And it is rapidly evolving. The pace at which it is progressing is itself accelerating meaning the next 20 years will see far more change than the last 20 years did.

VR, AR, and MR (someone needs to come up with a catchy name for calling all three) are the next set of tools that will push the digital world forward. The devices will get better and more content will be created, eventually allowing the internet to jump from the screen to the world. It will be all around us, digitally populating our world while also giving us whole new worlds to step into.

The bigger question may not be what we are going to do with it but what it is going to do to us.




擴增實境(Augmented Reality,簡稱AR)、虛擬實境(virtual realityVR)、混合實境(mixed reality,MR ),有些人需要好記的名字來記住它們。它們是推動數位世界前進的下一組工具。這些裝置將會迎接更多更好的內容,最終將讓網路跳出螢幕的限制,走入世界。它將圍繞在我們周圍,以數位的方式充滿我們的世界,也將提供全新的世界讓我們遨遊。





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