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Don’t believe in UFOs? These 3 Declassified Military videos will change your mind


One of the videos was recorded in 2004, another one in 2013 and the newest one in 2014. In the videos, we see a UFO performing maneuvers, unlike anything mankind can create today, ignoring gravity and laws that govern over manmade vehicles. Both videos were analyzed by experts who agree that the objects in question are extraordinary and unlike anything theyve ever seen. Some of these UFOs were not visible to the naked eye and somehow managed to avoid being detected on radar. 


三個影片分別是在2004 2013 年,以及最近的2014 年拍到的,我們可以看到幽浮以特技般的方式飛行,目前所有的人造物都無法做到那樣,無視重力和人造飛行器的動作法則。分析影片的專家們同意那些不明飛行物體非常特別,他們之前從來沒有看過。有些幽浮無法用肉眼看見,而且試圖躲避雷達的偵測。



In an interview with  Neil deGrasse Tyson for a National Geographic Star Talk entitled, The Science of Alien Sightings,Senior SETI astronomer Seth  Shostak said that a third of the public believes in the UFO phenomena.

Certainly, while there are countless faked videos available on the internet, there are a couple of videos which are beyond fascinating. They are bewildering.

Two of those videos have recently been declassified by the government.

One of the most fascinating UFO videos was recorded by Homeland Security. The unidentified flying object is seen moving at extremely fast speed over land and then shoots off into the distance.

The laws of physics that govern over man-made aircraft have little effect over this UFO which seems to ignore gravity completely, moving through the sky at speeds up to 120mph, while performing turns and maneuvers our aircraft are not capable of. Interestingly, at one point, the UFO seems to dive into the water without slowing down. What kind of aircraft can do that?



由尼爾·德葛拉司·泰森博士(  Neil deGrasse Tyso )主持的國家地理頻道節目「宇宙大探索」,在其中一集「幽浮目擊的科學解釋」中,地外智慧搜尋協會(SETI)的資深天文學家Seth  Shostak說:「有三分之一的大眾相信幽浮現象。」


雖然網路上有數不清的假影片,但是確實有令人著迷的影片,他們同時令人困惑。其中有兩個影片最近被政府公開。這些出色的幽浮影片的其中之一是由美國國土安全部(Homeland Security)錄下的。影片中的不明飛行物體以極高速掠過土地,接著飛射到遠處。


人造飛行器的物理法則對那個幽浮不起作用,它似乎完全無視重力,在天空中以高達120 英里的速度移動,以人造飛行器辦不到的特技方式動作,接著它似乎在完全沒有減速的情況下潛入水中。什麼飛行器可以做到那樣?



2013 Aguadilla Puerto Rico UAP/USO

2013 年波於多黎各阿瓜迪亞UAP/USO





The video was revised by the Scientific Coalition for Ufology, a group of people who have an extensive and long background in science have teamed up to study evidence which points to otherworldly visitations.

The following Unidentified Flying object was recorded on video by a thermal imaging camera on a DHS aircraft, in the sky over Aguadilla in Puerto Rico. You can check out the full report here.

Researchers analyzed the video and came to the conclusion that the object in question exhibits characteristics that defy the laws of physics as we know them. It simply cannot be catalogued as a drone, military aircraft or natural phenomena.

The second video equally bewildering— was recently declassified and filmed in 2014.


這個影片由飛碟科學聯盟( Scientific Coalition for Ufology)發布,這是一個由有資深廣泛科學背景的人組成的團體,他們分組研究世外探訪的證據影片中的不明飛行物體是在波於多黎各阿瓜迪亞的天空中,由一架美國國土安全部飛機的熱成像攝影機錄下的。你可以在這裡找到完整報導


研究人員分析影片後得到一個結論,那些不明飛行物體完全無視物理法則。它不能被簡單解釋為無人機、軍機或是自然現象。第二個影片同樣令人疑惑,是在2014 年被公開的。


Chile Helicopter UFO – FULL (see Leslie Kean’s article for backstory)

智利直升機幽浮- 全(閱讀Leslie Kean的文章以了解背景故事)




The incident occurred on November 11, 2014, when a Chilean Navy helicopter (Airbus Cougar AS-532) was on a routine patrol, west of Santiago, flying north.


The crew tried several times to contact the UFO using the multi-national, civilian bandwidth designed for this purpose but received NO answer. The Navy Captain stated that the object was a flat, elongated structurewith two thermal spotlights like discharges that did not coincide with the axel of motion.The technician described it as white with a semi-oval shape on the horizontal axis.

Furthermore, reportsstate that the pilot tried numerous times to communicate with the UFO, using the multinational, civilian bandwidth designed specifically for his purpose.

He received NO reply. Simply put, unbelievable.


這起事件發生在2014 年十一月十一日,一架智利海軍直升機空中巴士美洲豹 AS-532當時正在巡邏,從聖地牙哥西部往北飛。機組員多次嘗試用跨國民間頻寬聯絡幽浮,但是沒有收到回應。那位海軍機長說:「那個不明飛行物體是扁平、狹長的結構,有兩個熱照明燈,就像放電一樣,不符合牛頓第二運動定律。」技術員則形容它是「水平的白色半橢圓形」。





Mexico UFO – Mexican Air Force UFO Sighting

墨西哥幽浮- 墨西哥空軍目擊幽浮




Strangely, the unidentified flying objects were only visible through the military planes IR-system (infrared), and could not be seen with the naked eye. According to reports, the equipment was operated by highly skilled Air Force officers and analyzed by the Department of Defense.

Neither the crew nor ground personnel could see the 11 UFOs on radar.

The Mexican Department of Defense ruled out all mundane explanations for the sightings. The atmospheric conditions were nearly perfect. There was no temperature inversion in the area and winds were light at less than 20 mph. There was a complete absence of lightning, seismic activity, or volcanic activity. Venus was not visible at the time.

There are some skeptics who have dismissed this UFO encounter as an oil platform burn-off flares, but the Mexican military pilots said that the elevation of the lights was clocked at a higher altitude than theirs.

Furthermore, the Mexican Air Force stated they were chasing something, and it disappeared right as the lights appeared.




機組員和在地面上的人都無法用肉眼看到雷達上的十一個幽浮。墨西哥國防部排除了所有對這場目擊的現實猜測。當時的氣候狀況幾乎是完美的,沒有逆溫(temperature inversion),風也不大小於20 英里。當時也沒有光害、地震活動或火山活動。金星在那時也無法被觀看到。