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Guy Claims Google Earth Images Prove He Was Abducted By Aliens
男子表示 Google Earth 的影像可以證明他曾被外星人綁架

A man claims images from Google Earth capture the precise moment an alien attempted to abduct him in a close encounter of the absurd kind…
一位男子表示 Google Earth 捕捉到外星人試圖綁架他的不思議一瞬間…

John Mooner – who just happens to be a ufologist – has revealed that a series of photos show the moment he was abducted from a street in Torquay, Devon.

John Mooner 剛剛成為一位幽浮研究者,他表示有一系列的圖片記錄了他在德文郡的托爾坎被綁架的瞬間。

What is more Mr Mooner – who claims he ‘cannot remember the incident’ – says the images also show him fighting off his extraterrestrial foe by punching it in the face, reports the Torquay Herald.

根據 Torquay Herald. 的報導,Mooner 先生表示他沒有這個事件過程的記憶,這些圖片記錄了他與外星人打鬥的畫面,他向那外星人的臉揮了一記拳頭。


Mr Mooner stumbled across the incredible ‘evidence’ of his encounter while following up on another UFO sighting using Google satellite maps.

Mooner 先生在使用 Google 衛星地圖追查另一起幽浮目擊事件時,意外地發現他自己曾遭遇過這樣的事件,而且有驚人的證據。

He told the Torquay Herald:
The satellite has captured a real alien abduction taking place.
The shocking thing about this was that it’s me being abducted by a grey alien and the satellite image clearly shows me trying to fight off the grey alien by punching it in the face.

他告訴 Torquay Herald:「 衛星捕捉到了一場真實的外星人綁架事件的發生瞬間。令我感到驚訝的是,被灰色外星人綁架的竟然是我自己。衛星圖片清楚地顯示我試圖反擊灰色外星人,我用拳頭揍他的臉。」

However, it sounds like his attempts to fight back were in vain as Mr Mooner claims the image shows the alien blocked his punch and grabbed his fist before ‘subduing’ him.
He continued:
The strangest thing about this captured incident is that I do not remember this taking place at all.
I do however remember sporadic episodes of missing time throughout the year of 2016 and going back through the previous years.
I do remember wearing a black baseball cap and shirt. This is definitely me on the satellite image.

然而他的反擊嘗試失敗了, Mooner 先生表示這張圖片顯示外星人擋住了他的拳頭,並且在綁架他之前抓住了他的拳頭。

他繼續說到:「 這整件綁架事件裡最詭異的是我完全不記得有這件事。我記得一些 2016 年那段消失時間的零星記憶片段,接下來就只記得更早年的事了。我記得我穿著黑色的汗衫,戴黑色的帽子。衛星圖片中的人絕對是我。」

He also claims to have further ‘proof’ in the shape of three UFOs he spotted flying in formation which Mr Mooner firmly believes were sent to collect both him and the alien following their encounter.

I don’t want to cast doubt on John’s story, but I’m not convinced any of the evidence he put forward could be considered ‘proof’…

他還說,他有更進一步的證據證明有三艘成隊列的幽浮在他和外星人相遇後前來回收他們。我並不想懷疑 John 的故事,但是我無法被說服,也不認為他所謂的證據是證據…

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