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Most people have heard of the lost continent of Atlantis. Some know about the legendary lost continent of Lemuria and the semi-mythical land of Kumari Kandam as well. But have you heard of the continent of Mauritia? This landmass formed a part of Madagascar and India and scientists say the rest of the continent is now lying at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.
That is where they think it has been for approximately the last 85 million years. Scientist have now confirmed that the ancient continental crust underneath the island of Mauritius is a remnant of the break-up of the supercontinent, Gondwana, that happened about 200 million years ago.
Gondwana broke up to become Antarctica, Africa, Australia, and South America. There are still some amazing remnants of the supercontinent that can be seen around the world, but much of its story has been covered over by other geological forces. The discovery of Mauritia is another example attesting to Gondwana’s former glory and break-up.

大部分人都聽過失落的亞特蘭提斯,有些則聽過傳說中失落的雷姆利亞大陸( Lemuria )和半神話大陸庫馬里坎達姆( Kumari Kandam )。但是你聽過毛裡提亞大陸( Mauritia )嗎?這塊大陸成為了馬達加斯加和印度了的一部份,科學家表示這塊大陸的其他部分現在躺在印度洋海底。他們認為毛裡提亞大陸已經沈在海底至少約 8500 萬年了。科學家證實,在毛里求斯島(Mauritius )下的古老大陸地殼是約兩億年前的超大陸岡瓦納( supercontinent,Gondwana )的分裂遺跡。岡瓦納大陸分裂成南極洲、非洲、澳洲和南美洲。


The continents Laurasia and Gondwana 200 million years ago. (CC BY 3.0)
兩億年前的勞亞大陸( Laurasia )和超大陸岡瓦納。( 圖片來源: CC BY 3.0 )

New Scientist says “The first clues to the continent’s existence came when some parts of the Indian Ocean were found to have stronger gravitational fields than others, indicating thicker crusts. One theory was that chunks of land had sunk and become attached to the ocean crust below.”
The scientists noted that Mauritius was one of the places with a stronger gravitational pull, and, upon closer inspection of some zircon crystals of the island’s beaches, they discovered that the crystals are up to 3 billion years old. This is surprising as Mauritius is only 8 million years old.

新科學人雜誌( New Scientist )說:「 第一個證明超大陸存在的線索是,某些部分的印度洋被發現有較強的重力場,也就是有較厚的地殼。其中一個理論表示超大陸的板塊沈沒後與海洋地殼成為一體。」

科學家說毛里求斯島( Mauritius )是其中一個有較強重力場的地方,在它的海灘發現了有 30 億年歷史的鋯石( zircon )晶體。毛里求斯島只有八百萬年歷史,所以這很令人驚訝。

Le Morne Brabant Peninsula, Mauritius. (Sofitel So Mauritius/CC BY NC ND 2.0)
模里西斯半島,毛里求斯島。( 圖片來源:毛里求斯索菲特特色酒店/CC BY NC ND 2.0 )
When India and Madagascar began to move apart about 85 million years ago, the continent of Mauritia started to stretch and break up. As Martin Van Kranendonk at the University of New South Wales in Australia explained: “It’s like plasticine: when continents are stretched they become thinner and split apart. It’s these thin pieces that sink below the ocean.”
Study lead author Lewis Ashwal of the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa suggests that there are more parts of the “undiscovered continent” which is collectively called Mauritia spread across the Indian Ocean. He said: “According to the new results, this break-up did not involve a simple splitting of the ancient super-continent of Gondwana, but rather, a complex splintering took place with fragments of continental crust of variable sizes left adrift within the evolving Indian Ocean basin.”

當印度和馬達加斯加在 8500 萬年前開始分開,毛裡提亞大陸開始拉伸、分裂。來自澳洲新南威爾斯大學的 Martin Van Kranendonk 解釋:「 這就像黏土: 當大陸拉伸,它們會變得比較薄並且會裂開,這些就是那些沈入海洋的薄片。」

研究的主筆作者,南非金山大學( University of the Witwatersrand )的 Lewis Ashwal 表示有更多「 未知大陸 」的碎片,總稱為毛裡提亞大陸,分散在印度洋中。他說:「 根據新結果,這種分裂與古老超大陸岡瓦納的簡單分裂無關,而是與印度洋海盆中,不同大小的大陸地殼漂浮碎塊的複雜斷裂有關。」

Lost continent Mauritius

The location of this continent also pertains to the space of the ‘lost continent’ of Lemuria – a place that is frequently connected to the legend of Kumari Kandam by Tamil speakers, who have claimed that “there was a portion of land that was once ruled by the Pandiyan kings and was swallowed by the sea.”

這塊大陸的位置與失落的雷姆利亞大陸所在的空間相關。雷姆利亞大陸常與庫馬里坎達姆的傳說連結,這些傳說由使用坦米爾語的人講述,這些人說:「 有一部分的大陸曾一度被潘地亞( Pandiyan)的國王們統治,最後被海洋吞沒。」

As Ancient Origins has previously reported, the name Lemuria came from the “English geologist Philip Sclater [who] was puzzled by the presence of lemur fossils in Madagascar and India but not in mainland Africa and the Middle East […] Sclater proposed that Madagascar and India were once part of a larger continent, and named this missing landmass ‘Lemuria’.” This .hypothesis was accepted by the scientific community during Sclater’s time, but discredited by later scientists who deemed it implausible due to the concepts of continental drift and plate tectonics.

Ancient Origins 先前曾報導,雷姆利亞( Lemuria )這個名字的由來是:一位英國地質學家 Philip Sclater 曾對在馬達加斯加和印度發現的狐猴化石感到疑惑,為何它們不是在非洲大陸和中東發現的呢? Philip Sclater 教授認為馬達加斯加和印度曾一度是一塊更大的大陸的一部份,並且把這個失落的大陸命名為「 雷姆利亞( Lemuria )」。這個假設在 Philip Sclater 的時代被科學界接受,但是被後來的科學家否定,因為這個假設中有大陸漂移和板塊運動的概念,所以他們認為這是不可信的。

Proposed location of Kumari Kandam. (Youtube screenshot)
假設中庫馬里坎達姆大陸的位置。( 圖片來源: Youtube screenshot) )

However, this new study suggests that Sciater could have been on to something with his ideas about Lemuria and Tamil people may have some scientific evidence supporting their ideas as well. Although the notion that “Pandiyan kings of Kumari Kandam were the rulers of the whole Indian continent, and that Tamil civilisation is the oldest civilisation in the world” is still open for debate, the continent of Mauritia suggests that there may be some truth to the Tamil legends of Kumari Kandam.

然而,這份新的研究認為, Philip Sclater 對雷姆利亞大陸的一些想法,可能已經讓他意識到某些事情,另外,坦米爾人可能有一些能支持他們想法的科學證據。雖然「 庫馬里坎達姆的潘地亞國王們曾經統治整個印度大陸,坦米爾文明是世界上最古老的文明。」的概念還在被辯論,毛裡提亞大陸的存在卻顯示坦米爾的庫馬里坎達姆傳說可能包含某些事實。

Top Image: Parts of a “lost” continent known as Mauritia have been found under the island of Mauritius. Source: Sofitel So Mauritius/CC BY NC ND 2.0

頂部圖片:失落大陸毛裡提亞的一部份,在毛里求斯島下被發現。圖片來源: 毛里求斯索菲特特色酒店/CC BY NC ND 2.0。


來源: ancientorigins