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Humans have been on Earth for millions of years: Ancient Technologies that shouldn’t exist



Have humans been on Earth for millions of years? Is our history fake”?

Numerous researchers firmly believe that advanced human civilizations have been on Earth for millions of years. They point towards several out-of-place artifacts that have been found around the world suggesting that history as we have been taught in school is very different from what really happened on Earth in the distant past.

Here we have the ‘alleged artifacts’:






The 400 million year old hammer



Ever since its discovery, there have been many theories about its origin, and most importantly its incredible age. But is it possible that this hammer is in fact 400 million years old? Skeptics say no and believe this item is a fabricated hoax. For the hammer to finish inside the rock, it had to have been built before the rock was formed and that would be several of million years ago. After its discovery and due to all the questions the hammer raised, researchers decided to abandon the incredible discovery in the Somerwell Museum, in Texas.


從它被發現開始,就有許多的理論研究它的來源,以及最重要的:它不可思議的年齡。但是它有可能在四百萬年前就已經存在嗎?懷疑論者說不可能,而且他們相信這個物品只是個惡作劇。這把錘子被封在石頭裡,也就是說它在石頭形成前就造好了,所以這把錘子應是在數百萬年前被製造出來的。這把錘子被發現後引發許多疑問,研究人員決定將這個不可思議的發現棄置在德克薩斯州的薩莫威爾博物館(Somerwell Museum)。



According to studies of the Metallurgical Institute of Columbia the inside handle underwent the process of carbonization, the head of the hammer was built with an iron purity only achievable with modern-day technology. According to analysis, the head of the hammer consists of 97 pure iron, 2 percent chlorine and 1 percent sulfur. Surprisingly researchers also found that the iron had undergone a process of purification and hardening, typical of metallurgy of the twentieth century. According to analysis, the rock encasing of the hammer was dated to the Ordovician era, more than 400 million years ago.


根據不列顛哥倫比亞理工學院(Metallurgical Institute of Columbia)的研究,這把錘子的把手內部有經過碳化處理,錘子的頭部則擁有只有現代科技能達到的鐵純度。根據分析,這把錘子的頭部由百分之97 的純鐵、百分之二的氯、百分之一的硫組成。令人驚訝的是,研究人員也發現它的鐵有經過純化和硬化處理,這是二十世紀的典型冶金方法。根據分析結果,那塊包裹錘子的石頭可以被追溯到奧陶紀時代(Ordovician era),也就是超過四百萬年前。


The Dorchester Pot: Originating from the 593 million year old Roxbury Conglomerate

杜爾契斯特盎(Dorchester Pot):來自羅克斯伯里礫岩(Roxbury Conglomerate),具有593 萬年歷史




Another artifact that has everyone scratching their heads. How is it possible that such an item even exists? The age of the pot is the number one discussion among experts as it appears that no one can agree on how old it exactly is. According to geologists, the Roxbury Conglomerate, where this mysterious pot originated from, has been dated as having accumulated between 570 and 593 million years ago during the Ediacaran Period. Does this make it between 570 and 600 million years old? According to several researchers it is a possibility.

In principle, it is not too clear if the pot was really embedded” within the rock since the explosion was the cause of its discovery. The measurements of the pot are about 4.5 inches (11.5 cm) high, 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) in diameter at the base and 2.5 inches (6.4 cm) in diameter at the top. The small vase is made entirely of zinc and was decorated with silver inlay, you can see six floral ornaments on its side and a kind of vine or crown on the bottom. The decorative work and perfect manufacturing of Dorchester vase denote its creator was a master craftsman in the molding of this metal.


這是另一個讓人想破頭的人造物品。這樣的東西怎麼可能存在呢?這個盎的年齡是專家們討論的首要問題,因為它顯示的年齡沒有一個人能同意。根據地質學家的說法,這個神秘盎的發現地,羅克斯伯里礫岩的年齡是在570 到593 萬年,也就是埃迪卡拉纪( Ediacaran Period)。難道這表示杜爾契斯特盎的歷史有 570 到600萬年嗎?根據一些研究人員的說法,這是可能的。


因為這個盎是在發炸時被發現的,所以無法完全確定這個盎是在過去被嵌入岩石中。這個盎的高有4.5 英寸(11.5 公分)高、底座直徑有6.5 英寸(16.5 公分),頂部直徑有2.5 英寸(6.4 公分)。這個小盎整個都是由鋅做成,另外裝飾有一些銀鑲嵌,你可以看到它的側邊有六個花飾、底部裝飾有藤或冠。杜爾契斯特盎的裝飾細節和完美的做工顯示,它的作者是一位大師級的工匠,以高超的技巧使金屬成型。


Iron cup discovered inside a piece of Coal that is 300 million years old


It’s a perfect piece of metal and it was discovered in 1912 in a mine in Wilburton, Oklahoma, its discoverer was Frank J. Kennard and according to him, it was found within a block of coal. The usual problems are seen in the discovery of this item. So as skeptics would say, no matter how certain Frank Kennard might have been at the time of his discovery, skeptics will provide dozens of alternative explanations regarding the item and how it ended up inside the coal. Not only for this item, but for many other items with similar age.

Ancient alien theorist have a high regard when it comes to items like this, they are both mysterious, and challenge the typical views of history and archaeology. It seems that every time one of these items pops up, they are seen by archaeology and mainstream history as potential enemies” since their true origin and age might challenge the conventional way, researchers look at history and civilization.


這是一件完美的金屬製品,它是在1912 年時,在奧克拉荷馬州威爾伯頓的一處礦坑裡發現的,發現者是肯納德(Frank J. Kennard)。根據他的說法,這個金屬製品是在一塊煤炭中發現的。這個物品帶有不尋常的問題。懷疑論者會說,無論肯納德對於他的發現有多篤定,懷疑論者們還是能對此提供許多替代解答,解答為何這個物品會最後出現在一塊煤炭裡。不只針對這個物品,也針對其他年齡相似的物品。




What are your thoughts about these items? Are they elaborate hoaxes as skeptics suggest? Or is there something more to them?