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Alien hunters has spotted a mysterious disc flying past the surface of the moon. The alleged UFO was captured during a live stream video of the lunar surface on Dec. 3 of the Miami Observatory in Florida.
(Photo : Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

幽浮獵人表示有一神秘飛碟飛過月球。在十二月三日時,一個不明飛行物在佛羅里達州的邁阿密天文台( Miami Observatory in Florida )的一個現場直播影片中,在月球表面被拍到。( 圖片來源:Dan Kitwood/Getty Images )

Are there aliens on the moon? Alien hunters has spotted a mysterious disc flying past the surface of the moon. The alleged UFO was captured during a live stream video of the lunar surface on Dec. 3 of the Miami Observatory in Florida.

During the video, a dark disc-shaped object appeared on the moon’s surface. The video was posted by YouTube user UFOVNI UFO Sightings with the title “UFO crossing the moon.”

他們會是月球外星人嗎?幽浮獵人表示有一神秘飛碟飛過月球。在十二月三日時,一個不明飛行物在佛羅里達州的邁阿密天文台( Miami Observatory in Florida )的一個現場直播影片中,在月球表面被拍到。

在這個影片中,一個黑色的碟狀物體出面在月球表面。這個影片是由 TouTube 使用者 UFOVNI UFO Sightings 以 「 不明飛行物飛越月球」為標題發布的。

The alleged UFO sighting has prompted many UFO experts to speculate that the mysterious disc-shaped object is not just a trick of the eye, because it has appeared in different photos which refutes the assumption that it’s just a coincidence.
‘It’s not a man-made object, because there are not solar panel wings on it to gather energy,” speculates Scott C. Waring on his website, via Daily Mail. “There are no antennas on it for transmitting, also the surface is not completely round, but has a rough edge to it. Looks like a bio-mechanically grown UFO.”
Meawhile, in other alien sightings, some alien enthusiasts believe that they have finally found an evidence of architecture on Mars. The theorists claim that they have, in fact, spotted towers on the red planet that are as high as three miles.


Scott C. Waring 在他的網站和 Daily Mail 上說:「 這不是一個人造的物體,因為它沒有收集能源的太陽能板翼。它也沒有天線用以發報,而且它的表面不是完全圓滑的,而是有粗造的邊緣。看起來像生物機械不明飛行物。」

同時,在其他外星目擊中,有些外星愛好者相信他們終於找到火星上的建築證據。這些理論家表示,他們事實上在紅色星球上看到 3 英里的塔狀建築物。

The alleged sighting was noted by the YouTube channel Mundodesconocido, saying: “Investigating on some Mars images, we have recently found a row of huge towers located in the Martian area of Terra Meridiani. Due to their peculiar features, we believe that they have an artificial origin. In the following video, we will show you all the amazing information, evidences as well as animated 3D models that will allow you to evaluate correctly the information we propose.”

Excited as the idea of alien life existing outside Earth might be, these news should be taken with a grain of salt until humanity and science has reached a point to prove that they do exist.

這些目擊被這個 YouTube 頻道紀錄。

Mundodesconocido 說:「 我們對一些火星影像展開調查,最近發現一列巨大的塔,位在火星子午線臺地 ( Terra Meridiani ) 區域。鑑於它們奇特的外型,我們相信它們是出自工藝而非自然的。在下列的影片中,我們會向你們展現所有驚人的資訊,同時也會有做成 3D 模型的證據,讓你們能更正確的評估我們提出的說法。」



不明飛行物飛越月球:邁阿密天文台捕捉到不明飛行物 03/16/12


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