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Massive Alien Fleets seen by NASA satellites orbiting the Sun

NASA 衛星捕捉到環繞太陽的龐大外星艦隊

According to UFO hunters, and based on numerous satellite images, massive alien fleets are flying in ‘tactical’ formation near Earth and through the inner solar system towards the sun. Some researchers have even come forward claiming that our sun may act as some sort of massive Stargate, used by super advanced alien civilizations to travel across the cosmos. 


根據幽浮獵人(UFO hunters)的說法,以及眾多衛星圖片,龐大的外星艦隊以「戰陣」隊列飛行靠近地球,穿越太陽系,朝太陽行進。有些研究人員進一步表示,我們的太陽可能是巨大的星際之門(Stargate),被超級先進的外星文明使用在宇宙旅行上。


The ‘alarming’ discovery has been made by UFO hunter Streetcap1, who analysed images of the sun captured by NASA’s SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) Satellite.

這個「警報」是由幽浮獵人Streetcap1發佈的,他研究NASA 的SOHO (太陽和太陽圈探測器,Solar and Heliospheric Observatory)衛星所捕捉的太陽影像。




Massive amount of UFOS in Formation passes Satellite Camera.







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The SOHO satellite is in fact a joint project between the European Space Agency and NASA. The observational satellite is located in halo orbit around the Sun-Earth L1 gravitational point an keeps an eye on our solar system’s star nonstop.

According to Streeetcap1, the alleged image captured by cameras on board SOHO show a MASSIVE alien fleet of UFO’s flying past Earth, heading towards the sun.


According to Streetcap1, the intimidating armada of alien spaceships appear to be travelling in a regular and highly ordered group of formations, which are indicative of a highly organized military fleet.


SOHO (太陽和太陽圈探測器,Solar and Heliospheric Observatory)衛星事實上是歐洲太空總署(European Space Agency)和NASA 的合作計畫。這個觀測衛星位於環繞日-地拉格朗日點(Sun-Earth L1)重力點的暈輪軌道Halo orbit)上,不止息地捕捉我們太陽系的星體。


根據 Streeetcap1的說法,SOHO 衛星所捕捉的影像顯示了龐大的不明飛行物外星艦隊經過地球,朝太陽前進。這個嚇人的外星太空船隊伍以整齊有序的隊列行進,顯示他們是高度組織過的軍事艦隊。






Three Identical UFO’s in Formation. (Linked)









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UFO Hunter Scot Warring from UFO sightings daily commented on the images:


I have seen thousands of SOHO sun photos, but never one like this,” he continues. Here we see fleets of ships in groups of two, three and even four. This is a fleet, which is not a good sign.”

For a fleet this size to be passing Earth, something big is about to happen,” Waring writes. Yes, you can bet money that they know we are here, but they are so technologically advanced that we are not threat to them. Thus, they ignore us. We see 60-80 ships here that the SOHO image caught. Many more it didn’t catch.”


UFO目擊日報」(UFO Sightings Daily)版主,幽浮獵人Scot Warring對這些影像作出評論:


「我看過成千的SOHO 衛星太陽影像,但是從沒看過像這樣的影像。在這裡我們看到飛行船艦隊分為兩個、三個,甚至四個分隊。這是一個艦隊,不是一個好徵兆。這樣規模的艦隊經過地球,有什麼大事要發生了。是的,你可以賭賭看他們知道我們的存在,但是他們的科技如此高端,我們根本構不成威脅。所以,他們忽視我們。我們可以看到這裡有60 – 80 艘飛行船被SOHO 衛星捕捉到。還有更多,只是沒被拍到。」


In the past, researchers have wondered about the numerous anomalies present near the sun and have ventured out to ask whether it is possible that our sun is a massive Stargate.

This video below by Nassim Haramein supports the idea that the sun acts as a massive portal or Stargate.


在過去,研究人員對於太陽附近的反常感到疑惑,並且大膽假設我們的太陽會不會是一個巨大的星際之門?以下的影片由Nassim Haramei製作,支持太陽是巨大門戶或星際之門的說法。




Earth Sized UFOs







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Earth Sized Ufo’s Using The Sun As A Stargate Video.flv









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June 9th 2016 – Angel UFO Returns


2016 年六月九號- 天使幽浮返回





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