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NASA find remains of a 10,500-year-old lost ancient city hidden beneath the forest  NASA 發現埋藏在叢林下,一萬五百年前的古城遺跡

While NASA is known for exploring our solar system and space in general, the space agency is also very thorough when it comes to planet Earth, as satellite images and observations from space have helped archaeologists around the globe to make groundbreaking discoveries. According to reports, NASA’s technology has helped pinpoint a 10,500-year-old lost ancient city, located beneath thick layers of the forest.


NASA 作為探索我們的太陽系和宇宙的機構廣為人知,其實藉由衛星的影像和觀察,這個宇宙機構對地球的探索也很徹底,衛星能幫助全球的考古學家有開創性的發現。根據報導,NASA 的科技已幫助一個被埋在叢林下,一萬五百年的古城被發現。 


Now, the space agency has helped find the remains of a lost city believed to have been inhabited by ancient Native Americans.





With the help of laser-based remote-sensing equipment,” scientists were able to zoom onto the ancient site located in Oklahoma, finding what they believe is a 10,500-year-old settlement hidden deep beneath the forest.

Experts believe that this ancient city was inhabited by hunter-gatherers who lived in the area and funneled bison into narrow dead-end gullies before hunting them down.

The ruins of the ancient city were found in the vicinity of the Beaver River in western Oklahoma thanks to LIDAR technology.


藉由雷射遙感(remote-sensing)設備的幫助,科學家得以放大檢視位於奧克拉荷馬州,被叢林掩蓋的,他們認為有一萬五百年的古城。專家相信這座古城以往是由狩獵採集(hunter-gatherers)的人居住,他們將野牛匯聚於溝壑的死路,再一起獵補。這座古城遺跡在西奧克拉荷馬州的比弗河附近,感謝空載光達科技(light detection and ranging,遙測空載雷射測距技術,LiDAR,光達)的幫助。


Called Teledyne Optech Lidar, the device is able to recreate a 3-D model of the surface including grass, bushes, and trees, but it also has the ability to create a ‘bare-earth’ version, removing obstacles and offering scientists with a clear view of the surface.

Consequently, this allows scientists to ‘see structures or features that were so overgrown that they wouldn’t be obvious at all to someone on the ground,’ says Paul LaRoque, vice president (副總協理經理副理襄理科長組長?)of special projects at Teledyne Optech.

According to reports, this groundbreaking laser-based remote sensing equipment has allowed experts to peer through thick layers of forest offering a clear view of the fossils and bones hidden below the surface.


這個叫「特利丹歐普光達(Teledyne Optech Lidar)」的裝置可以重建地面的3D 模型,例如草地、樹叢、樹木等,它也可以創建一個地球裸面(bare-earth)視野,一個移除所有障礙物,並能讓科學家清楚觀察地面的視野。在特利丹歐普(Teledyne Optech)負責特別計畫的  VP(vice presidentPaul LaRoque說:「所以,這裝置可以讓科學家觀察到那些“雜草叢生以至於在地面上的人無法清楚看到的結構或是特徵”。」




This technology has been made possible thanks to the development of the equipment used by scientists looking at alien planets, moons, and asteroids. NASA has been incorporating LIDAR devices into missions dating as far back as the Apollo Program.

Archaeologist Lee Bement said that NASA’s sophisticated tools havebeen useful in delineating where we need to concentrate our efforts.” “It saved us a lot of time and effort.”


這個科技的成真,要感謝科學家在「觀察系外星球、月亮、小行星等」的裝置上的發展。NASA 早在阿波羅計畫時就已經加入空載光達科技(light detection and ranging,遙測空載雷射測距技術,LiDAR,光達)的設備。考古學家Lee Bement表示:「NASA 複雜的工具被用來劃定我們應該集中付出精力的地方。這讓我們省下很多時間和精力。」


You’ll never find bison bones with airborne LIDAR, but you can find the geological features that suggest a place to look,” said Meg Watters, a remote sensing expert.

Interestingly, LIDAR technology has helped make several groundbreaking discoveries in the recent past. The technology has helped archaeologists pinpoint the historical site of the legendary lost ‘White City –Ciudad Blancain Honduras.


遙感(remote sensing)專家 Meg Watters說:「你永遠不會用空載光達科技(light detection and ranging,遙測空載雷射測距技術,LiDAR,光達)找到野牛的骨頭,但是你可以找到值得一探的地質特徵。」有趣的是,空載光達科技(light detection and ranging,遙測空載雷射測距技術,LiDAR,光達)已經在近期幫助了許多開創性的發現。這個科技已經幫助考古學家在宏都拉斯( Honduras)發現歷史遺跡,傳奇的失落「白城」La Ciudad BlancaWhite City –Ciudad Blanca)。