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Ollantaytambo is an Inca archaeological site in southern Peru some 60 kilometers northwest of the city of Cuzco. It is located at an altitude of 2,792 meters (9,160 feet) above sea level, Ollantaytambo lies in an area the Inca people once called the Sacred Valley and this marvel of architecture once served as both a temple and a fortress, Mainstream historians claim Ollantaytambo was built around 1440 AD by the Inca Emperor Pachacuti.

歐南塔雅坦坡 ( Ollantaytambo ) 是一處印加考古遺址,它位在祕魯南部庫斯科( Cuzco )市的西北方約 60 公里遠之處。 它所處位置的高度是海拔 2792 公尺 ( 9160 英尺 ),歐南塔雅坦坡就座落在曾被印加人稱呼為「 神聖谷地( Sacred Valley )」的山谷中,這個建築奇蹟曾一度被用作廟宇和堡壘,主流歷史學家說歐南塔雅坦坡在大約西元 1440 年時,由印加皇帝帕查庫提( Inca Emperor Pachacuti )建造。

Archaeologists today believe Ollantaytambo was built upon the ruins of a far older city and they are not sure of the origins of that city.
One of the most interesting places in Ollantaytambo is the Gateway of the Gods, which was built several thousand years before the Inca arrived at Ollantaytambo, according to researchers it was built by a culture called the Urin Pacha, that name was given because researchers have no idea who they were where they came from or where they went. It is clearly evident that the earliest parts of Ollantaytambo date to at least 12,000 years old, if not older.

今日的考古學家相信歐南塔雅坦坡是建造在更加久遠的城市遺跡之上,他們無法確定那城市遺跡的來源。歐南塔雅坦坡其中一個最有趣的地方是「 眾神之門 ( Gateway of the Gods )」,它被建造於數千年前,在印加人抵達歐南塔雅坦坡之前。根據研究人員的說法,它是由一個叫地下世界( 死者的祖先和各種神靈,Urin Pacha,亦稱 Uku Pacha )的文化建造的,會取這個名字是因為研究人員不清楚這些人是誰、他們從哪裡來的,也不知道他們離開去了哪裡。證據很清楚地顯示,歐南塔雅坦坡最古老的部分可以追溯到至少 12000 年前,或是更久遠以前。

“From the research, I have been able to determine this was built by the Arak civilization. The Arak people are as ancient as what would be the equivalent of Adam or the first humans.”—Jesus Gamarra.
Today one of the most asked questions probably is in regard to the incredible sized blocks of stone that were used in the construction.
Some of these over-sized rocks are found at the highest levels of Ollantaytambo, according to researchers they were brought to Ollantaytambo from another mountain.

本地專家 Jesus Gamarra :「 從研究中我得以確定它是由阿拉克文明( Arak civilization )建造的。阿拉克人和亞當或第一批人類一樣古老。」

今日,其中一個最常被問到的問題或許是關於那些被用來建造的巨石。這些巨石在歐南塔雅坦坡的最高處也有被發現,根據研究人員的說法,這些石塊是從另一座山搬來歐南塔雅坦坡的。所以… 古人是怎麼辦到的?

According to many archaeologists , the ancient builders of Ollantaytambo managed to accomplish these precision cuts and shapes with the use of rock and bronze tools.

Engineers and logistic experts have said that to move some of the stone blocks from Ollantaytambo (and some of them weigh over 50 tons) we would need several power tools and different power vehicles.

根據許多考古學家的說法,建造歐南塔雅坦坡的古人使用石製工具和青銅工具來完成這些精確的切割以及塑形。工程師和後勤專家說,如果我們要從歐南塔雅坦坡移動一些石塊( 這些石塊超過 50 噸重 ),我們需要許多強大的工具和不同的強力運輸工具。

Evidence of advanced tools?

No evidence of said tools has been found yet at the site so the question still remains, how was this accomplished?
What is even a bigger mystery is the way the ancient builders at Ollantaytambo managed to put together all of these rocks after cutting, transporting and shaping them.

The stones at Ollantaytambo are so perfectly put in place that you cannot insert a piece of paper in between them.


What kind of tools left behind patterns like this?

At the temple of the condor, the material from where the slabs were removed is andesite and that material is really strong and hard to “cut”, you would need something that is stronger than andesite to accomplish this.

在神鷹神殿( temple of the condor ),將石板移開後,露出的物質是安山岩,安山岩極硬,很難切割,需要比安山岩更硬的東西來完成這項作業。

Another interesting find lay on the bottom from where these rocks were cut out of, we find these strange but precise crisscross pattern. The pattern could have been created by some kind of laser or saw machine, so yes this could be one of the most clear pieces of evidence that the ancients did in fact use some sort of advanced technology at the time they were cutting, removing and shaping these incredible rocks.
“The rock surface looks rough but when you touch it it feels as smooth as a bathroom mirror, which means some type of vitrification process was used. At the bottom of where this alcove was cut out, we can see a crisscross pattern, in my opinion, they are actually saw marks, to me, this pattern is irrefutable proof for ancient machining.” – Giorgio A. Tsoukalos


喬治 A. 托卡洛斯( Giorgio A. Tsoukalos ):「 石塊的表面看起來粗糙,但是當你觸摸它,它卻像浴室的鏡子一般滑順,也就是說某種玻璃化過程曾被使用。在被切割出的凹處底部,我們可以看到縱橫交錯的痕跡,對我來說,這些痕跡是鋸痕,是無法反駁的證據,證明確實有古代機械加工。」

What kind of technology did the ancient’s have access to?

The “Bronze tool” theory just doesn’t add up. According to the myths of the Andes Mountains the ancient ancestors or founders, were described as a brother and sister referred to as “Children of the Sun.” Sent by the “Sun God,” these mysterious beings arrived on Earth with something described as a golden wedge.
What we have here in these stories is in fact a description of some kind of extraterrestrial visitors (yes as they are not from Earth) and it was with the Children of the sun that all of these accomplishments were actually possible.

青銅工具理論不太合理。根據安地斯山脈的神話,古代祖先或是造物主曾被形容為一對兄妹,他們被稱為「 太陽的孩子( Children of the Sun )」,由「 太陽神( Sun God )」派來。在描述中,這些神秘的生物帶著一個黃金楔形物來到地球。這個故事其實是對某種外星訪客的描述( 是的他們並不是地球人 ),這些「 太陽的孩子 」的存在讓這些建築成就變得合理。

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