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Our Sun experienced a mysterious, abnormal ‘cosmic event’ 7,000 years ago say scientists

科學家表示我們的太陽在7000 年前曾經歷過一場神秘又異常的宇宙事件


Scientists say that during the mid-Holocene, the Sun experienced a mysterious magnetic ‘solar event’. Around 7,000 years ago, our planet was heavily ‘bombarded’ by a flux of intense cosmic rays.




Based on new analysis of ancient tree in California, scientists say an abnormal solar even occurred in sometime around 5480 B.C. as experts measured carbon-14 levels in tree rings.

Strangely, the exact cause of the mystery remains an enigma for scientists, but there are some who believe that it may have been triggered by our sun’s magnetic activity.

The team of experts, led by researchers at Nagoya University, analyzed carbon-14 levels in the bristlecone pine forest in California.

It is well-known that these trees can live for thousands of years, meaning that they are excellent keepers of solar events that directly affected our planet throughout history.

根據加州的一個針對古代樹木的新分析,科學家說一場異常的太陽活動曾在大約西元前5480 年時發生。當專家測量古樹年輪的碳-14等級時,他們得出這個結果。奇怪的是,這場神秘事件的發生原因對科學家來說還是個謎,但是已經有一些人相信,這可能是由我們太陽的磁活動引起的。一組由名古屋大學的專家所領導的團隊,在加州分析刺果松森林的古樹,進行碳-14的等級分析。這些樹以數千年的歷史聞名,也就是說他們是太陽活動絕佳的證據保存者,保存那些直接影響我們地球的事件的證據,使它們不會消失在歷史中。


According to experts, as the sun’s activity weakened, a type of carbon referred to as carbon-14 increases in the atmosphere. These ‘cosmic’ changes are registered by trees, and evidence is found in tree rings which are able to absorb the carbon in the air.

According to AJ Timothy Jull of the University of Arizona:

We measured the 14C levels in the pine sample at three different laboratories in Japan, the US, and Switzerland, to ensure the reliability of our results. We found a change in 14C that was more abrupt than any found previously, except for cosmic ray events in AD 775 and AD 994, and our use of annual data rather than data for each decade allowed us to pinpoint exactly when this occurred.”

To better understand the situation, scientists compared the data with other events that have occurred in the last couple of thousands of years.


根據專家的說法,當太陽活動減弱,碳-14 在那種環境下會增加。這些宇宙變化被樹木們記錄下來,樹木的年輪可以吸收空氣中的碳,也就是我們可以在樹中找到的證據。根據亞利桑那大學的AJ Timothy Jull說:「我們測量刺果松樣本的碳-14 等級,由日本、美國、瑞士的三個不同的實驗室進行,以確保結果的可信度。我們發現碳-14 的一個變化比其他先前發現的都要突兀,除了之前在西元775、994 年時發生的宇宙射線事件外,就屬這次的變化最突然。我們使用年度數據而不是每十年一次的數據,這讓我們可以指出事件的確切發生時間。」




Their results suggest the sun may have experienced an ‘unknown phase of grand solar minimum,’ when solar activity was EXTREMELY weak.

Another possibility is that the sun may have experienced strong solar bursts and fluctuations in solar magnetic activity.

However, scientists have yet to pin-point the exact cause. Experts hope that telescope observations of flares from other sun-like stars may help them understand what occurred with our sun thousands of years ago.

Fusa Miyake of Nagoya University said:

Although this newly discovered event is more dramatic than others found to date, comparisons of the 14C data among them can help us to work out what happened to the sun at this time. We think that a change in the magnetic activity of the sun along with a series of strong solar bursts, or a very weak sun, may have caused the unusual tree ring data.”


他們所得的結果指出,太陽可能經經歷了「一場不知名的劇烈太陽極小期(solar minimum)」,那時太陽活動極端地微弱。另一個可能是。太陽可能經歷強烈的太陽爆發,影響了太陽磁活動。然而科學家還未找到確切的原因。專家希望望遠鏡對其他類太陽星球的閃焰的觀察,可以幫助他們了解我們太陽在數千年以前曾發生的事。


名古屋大學的Fusa Miyake說:「雖然這個新發現的事件比其他曾發現的事件要來得戲劇化,碳-14 的比較數據可以幫助我們找出到底太陽在那時發生了什麼。我們認為太陽磁活動的改變以及強烈的太陽爆發,或是活動非常微弱的太陽,都可以是這不尋常的年輪數據的成因。」