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For a long time, we’ve known that ancient cultures around the globe were capable of great architectural and engineering feats thousands of years ago, despite being considered as ‘primitive’.
Archaeologists have revealed that the ancient Pueblo people built intricate geometric structures even though they did not possess a written language or number systems like the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Maya. The Ancient Pueblo people were capable of creating equilateral triangles, 45-degree right triangles, Pythagorean triangles and had knowledge of the ‘golden rectangle’.
It turns out that hundreds of years ago, the Southwestern Pueblo culture was somehow capable of erecting complex geometric structures with near-perfect accuracy. The ancient Pueblo people created equilateral triangles, 45-degree right triangles, Pythagorean triangles and had knowledge of the ‘golden rectangle’, incorporating these into their structures.


考古學家發現古普韋布洛人( Pueblo )建造了複雜的幾何建築,雖然他們不像古希臘人、埃及和瑪雅人有書寫語言或是數字系統,古普韋布洛人依然擅長建造等邊三角形、 45 度直角三角形、畢達哥拉斯三角形的建築,他們同時也擁有黃金矩形的知識。

幾百年前,西南普韋布洛文化不知為何很擅長建造複雜的幾何建築,其準確度近乎完美。古普韋布洛人建造等邊三角形、 45 度直角三角形、畢達哥拉斯三角形的建築,他們同時也擁有黃金矩形的知識,並且將這些融入他們的建築中。

All of this, despite not having a writing nor number system.
As reported by the Daily Mail, researchers discovered that the Sun Temple archaeological site in Colorado –which was built around 1200 AD— features sophisticated shapes that are still familiar today, revealing architectural ‘genius’ that they say would be almost impossible to replicate today.

這一切都是在沒有書寫或數字系統的情況下完成的。 Daily Mail 報導:「 研究人員在科羅拉多州發現約在西元 1200 年建造的的太陽神廟建築,有複雜的形狀,這些形狀對今日的我們來說很熟悉,展現了他們在建築上的「 天才 」,以今日的技術幾乎不可能複製。」

Satellite image of Sun Temple archaeological site with illustrations demonstrating its geometrical properties. Image: Dr. Sherry Towers
太陽神廟建築的衛星圖片,附標出幾何圖形的圖示。圖片來源: Sherry Towers 博士。

These remarkable features were found by Dr. Sherry Towers, a professor with the ASU Simon A. Levin Mathematical, Computational, and Modeling Sciences Center

“The site is known to have been an important focus of ceremony in the region for the ancestral Pueblo peoples, including solstice observations,” Towers says. “My original interest in the site involved looking at whether it was used for observing stars as well.”
However, as Towers delved deeper into the site’s layout and architecture, interesting patterns began to emerge.
“I noticed in my site survey that the same measurements kept popping up over and over again,” she says.
The fact that the ancient Pueblo people managed to build these elaborate structures without a written language or number system is what has captured the amazement of archaeologists and researchers.

這些不凡的特色是由 Sherry Towers 博士發現的,她是一位教授,來自亞利桑那州立大學賽門 A.萊文數學計算建模科學中心( ASU Simon A. Levin Mathematical, Computational, and Modeling Sciences Center )。

Sherry Towers 博士說:「 這個建築是那個區域舉行儀式典禮的重要地點,對普韋布洛人的祖先來說很重要,舉行的活動中包括至點( solstice )的觀測。我對這個建築最先所產生的興趣就是想看看它是不是也用來觀測星星。」

然而,隨著 Sherry Towers 博士對這個遺跡的各個層次和建築研究得越來越深,她的興趣所在也越來越明顯。

她說:「 我注意到在我的現場探勘調查中,同樣的測量結果一再出現。」


“This is what I find especially amazing,” Towers says. “The genius of the site’s architects cannot be underestimated. If you asked someone today to try to reconstruct this site and achieve the same precision that they had using just a stick and a piece of cord, it’s highly unlikely they’d be able to do it, especially if they couldn’t write anything down as they were working.”
“When I saw that the layout of the site’s key features also involved many geometrical shapes, I decided to take a closer look,” said Towers.
Further study revealed fascinating geometrical patterns and shapes: equilateral triangles, squares, 45-degree right triangles, and Pythagorean triangles.
Furthermore, the site even had the ‘Golden rectangle’ – a shape with ‘pleasing proportions’ that was commonly used by architects in ancient Greece and Egypt, and in Western art.

Sherry Towers 博士說:「 這是我覺得最驚奇的一點,建造這個建築的建築師的天才是不能被低估的。如果你要求今日的人去嘗試建另一個一模一樣的建築,並且要有同樣的精準度,很顯然可能沒有人辦得到,更何況是在要求嘗試的人要和過去的人一樣,只用棒子和繩子作為工具的情況下,而且在過程中還不能寫下任何東西。當我看到那個建築的關鍵特色同樣有許多幾何形狀時,我決定進一步深入調查。 」

更一進步的研究發現了出色的幾何圖形和形狀:等邊三角形、正方形、 45 度直角三角形和畢達哥拉斯三角形。

另外,這個建築甚至有黃金矩形,也就是一個有「 賞心悅目的比例 」的形狀,常常被古希臘和古埃及的建築師使用,也常用在西方藝術中。

來源: ancientcode