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Doomsday prophecies are as old as recorded time. For as long as humans have existed, there has been a fear of an apocalypse or ‘end of times’, when the gods wish vengeance upon their people, when humans pay for the sins of their fathers and forefathers, and when the demons of the world rise up and devour all that is good. Prophecies of the end of times stem from the mythologies of civilizations past: the Norse story of Ragnarök, the tale of Noah and the Flood, and the Biblical apocalypse. Though these civilizations are all thousands of years in the past, the same fear that drove them to make these myths—the fear of the unknown—continues to haunt the human race today.
Supposedly, the earliest prediction of the end of the world came from the Assyrians, a powerful Mesopotamian culture that lasted for roughly two thousand years. A tablet was found dating back to sometime between 2800 and 2500 BCE that bears the first known prophecy of the end of days. According to the translation, it claims that the earth was in its final days in those years, and that the world was slowly deteriorating into a corrupt society that would only end with its destruction. Though it is not known who wrote this inscription, and where specifically the tablet came from, it is a fervent example of how far back in human history apocalyptic prophecies world began.

世界末日的預言從人類歷史的最初開始就一直存在。從人類開始生存在世上的第一天開始,就對末日啟示感到恐懼。當神要對人類復仇 ; 當人類要為世世代代所犯下的罪惡贖罪 ; 當惡魔崛起,吞沒所有美好的一切,世界末日將來臨。世界末日預言起源自古文明的神話:諸神的黃昏( Norse story of Ragnarök )、諾亞方舟、聖經啟示錄。雖然這些文明存在於千年前的過去,他們與我們在同樣的恐懼驅使下創造了這些神話。今日,未知的恐懼,依然持續籠罩在人類身上。

最早的末日預言可能是來自亞述人,一個延續了約兩千年的美索不達米亞強盛文化。一塊可以追溯到西元前 2800 到 2500 年的石板被發現,上面記載著第一個已知的世界末日預言。根據翻譯,預言聲稱地球已來到它的最後一段日子,世界已經慢慢在惡化,變成一個腐敗的社會,最後將破滅消亡。雖然並不知道是誰寫下這些文字,也不知道這個石板來自哪裡,這依然是個很好的例子,顯示了在人類歷史上世界末日預言的開始可以追溯到多早以前。

An Assyrian Tablet from 2800 BC bears the first known prophecy of the end of the world. Photo: Assyrian Tablet from Nineveh, northern Iraq. Credit: The British Museum
一個西元前 2800 年的亞述石板,上面寫著第一個已知的世界末日預言。圖片:來自尼尼微,伊拉克北部的亞述石板。( 圖片來源: 大英博物館 )

In Norse mythology, Ragnarok is a series of apocalyptic events that will define the end of the world, where giants of frost and fire will together fight the gods in a final battle that will ultimately destroy the planet, submerging it under water. According to the legend, the world will resurface, the surviving and returning gods will meet, and the world will be repopulated by two human survivors.
在北歐神話中,諸神的黃昏( Ragnarok )是一系列世界末日事件,將讓世界終結。冰霜巨人和火巨人將與眾神將在最後的戰役中進行決鬥,最終毀滅整個星球,整個星球將淹沒在水中。根據傳說,世界將復甦,倖存者和返回的諸神將相遇,世界上的人族將因為兩位人類倖存者而重新繁盛。

Numerous other prophecies have appeared throughout history pertaining explicitly to the mortal fear of the ‘Second Coming of Christ’ —the belief that a day will come when humankind would be judged for all of their sins, and Christ would battle the Anti-Christ, Satan, and a False Prophet in the biblical Armageddon. The Four Horsemen, traditionally named War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death, will ride during the Apocalypse. The belief in Armageddon and the Rapture primarily stems from the Bible and biblical translators and interpreters, however the cryptic and symbolic language used in the text creates quandaries about the appropriate date and time of the so-called Second Coming.

歷史中的許多其他的預言與凡人對「 基督再來( Second Coming of Christ )」的恐懼息息相關。這代表某天人類將因所犯下的罪行而被審判。同時,基督會與基督的敵人( Anti-Christ )、撒旦、假先知在聖經中記載的大決戰( Armageddon )中開戰。天啟四騎士分別是戰爭、饑荒、瘟疫、和死亡,他們會在天啟中馳騁。對大決戰( Armageddon )以及被提( Rapture )的信仰源自聖經、聖經譯者、口譯者,然而,這使用神秘符號的語言並沒有寫下關於基督再來的確切時間以及日期。

Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, by Viktor Vasnetsov. Painted in 1887. (Wikimedia Commons)
天啟四騎士,畫家 Viktor Vasnetsov 於1887 年創作。
( 圖片來源:Wikimedia Commons )

It was also feared for a long time that the year 1000 AD would be the end of the world. Y2K created the same type of millennia fear, as it was assumed that the ’00 of 2000 would be misread in computers as 1900 and create a bug that would force all technology to fail, causing worldwide confusion and tremendous destruction. New millennia, years ending in ’99, and the beginning of new centuries have all been subject to doomsday prophecies in the past, and the present era is no exception to that. Uncertainties about the future continue to plague the human race, such as the recent belief that cataclysmic events would transpire on or around 21 December 2012, a date regarded as the end-date of a 5,126-year-long cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar.

以前的人也曾害怕西元 1000 年會是世界末日。千禧年( Y2K )時也有類似的恐懼,當時曾有說法説 2000 年的尾數「 00 」會讓電腦誤認為 1900 年的尾數「 00 」,會因此造成錯誤並讓所有科技殞落,造成世界性的混亂以及巨大的毀滅。新的千禧年、尾數為「 99 」的年份,以及一個新世紀的開始常常被認為是過去世界末日預言中提到的世界終結日,現在這個時代也不例外。對未來的不確定感一直折磨人類,像是最近的說法,說大洪水將在 2012 年 12 月 21 日當天或前後幾天發生,也就是在瑪雅曆( Mesoamerican Long Count calendar )長達 5126 年的曆法的結束之日發生。

Mayan calendar on parchment. Source: BigStockPhoto
圖片來源: BigStockPhoto

More recently, there has been a doomsday theory put forward in relation to the four blood moons appearing in the twelve months between April 2014 and September 2015, which are said to be an indication of the end because such an occurrence is so rare.It is clear that fear is the driving factor behind the prophecies of doomsday throughout human history. It is safe to say that as long as life on earth continues to grow and thrive and even encounter devastating calamities, doomsday prophecies will continue to prevail.

近期,有一個末日理論表示世界末日和發生在 2014 年四月到 2015 年 9 月間的四次血月有關,這被認為是世界終結的象徵因為這樣的事件非常罕見。我們可以很清楚地知道人類歷史上的末日預言背後的動機其實是恐懼。我們可以說,無論地球是繼續繁盛或是遭遇毀滅性災難,世界末日預言永遠不會消失,永遠會是最大的贏家。

來源: ancientorigins