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According to researchers who have analyzed the artifact, it is a 100,000-year-old electrical component embedded in stone

It is one of the artifacts that a few have heard of, yet its characteristics are incredibly interesting. There have been dozens of objects discovered through the years that do not fit into the mainstream view of history, archaeology, and anthropology.


This discovery was made in 1998 when electrical engineer John. J. Williams found what appeared to be an electrical connector protruding from the ground in a hiking trip in North America. The object was found in the middle of nowhere, far way from human settlements, industrial complexes, airports, factories and electronic or nuclear plants. After digging further into the ground, Williams discovered a device with a triple plug, embedded into the rock.
Williams refused to give away the exact location where the object was found, which has led skeptics to conclude that this artifact is just another hoax. But is it?

這個石中插座是在 1998 年時由電機工程師 John. J. Williams 發現的,當時他在北美郊遊旅行,發現一個像插頭的物體從地面伸出。這個物品並不是在人類住所、工業區、機場、工廠或電子、核能廠發現的,而是在一個什麼都沒有的地方被發現。 Williams 更深入挖掘,發現這是一個鑲嵌在石頭裡的三頭插頭。 Williams 拒絕說出發現的地點,所以懷疑他的人認為這又是另一個惡作劇。但,真的是惡作劇嗎?

Today the artifact is referred to as the Petradox, a device that has the undeniable aspect of an electrical component which ended up embedded into solid granite, stone composed of quartz and feldspar, with small traces of mica. There is a huge amount of secrecy surrounding the object.
Williams has received offers up to 500,000 dollars for the device but has refused to sell it. Williams stated that the artifact, however, is available to any researchers for analysis. So far, only a few individuals have taken the time to study the mysterious object, resembling without a doubt, an electrical component.
The Petradox is not an accretion, concretion, pumice or a fossil. It does not contain any known resins, cement, glues, adhesives, limestone, mortar, or other non-rhyolite / non-granite binding agents. It is very hard.

今天這個人造品被稱為「 悖論 」( Petradox ),一個被鑲嵌在堅硬花崗石中的插頭。花崗岩是由石英和長石組成的,帶有一些雲母的痕跡。這個物品懷有極大的謎團。曾有人出價五十萬元向 Williams 購買這個裝置,但是他拒絕賣出。目前,只有幾個人曾研究過這個像是插頭的神秘物品。 「 悖論 」並不是一個沉積物、凝固物、浮岩或是化石。他並不含有已知的樹脂、接合劑、膠、黏合劑、石灰石、灰泥,或是其他非流紋岩、非花崗岩的結合劑。它非常的堅硬。

The component itself is about 8 mm in diameter; the pins of the device are about 3 mm high, and the spacing between the pins is approximately 2.5 mm while the pin thickness is about 1 mm.
According to Williams, who has consulted an engineer and geologist to examine the object, the electronic component embedded in the granite reveals no trace of having been glued or welded in any known form, it is clear that the object already existed at the time of the formation of the rock.
According to geological analysis, researchers believe that the “rock” is at least 100,000 years old, something impossible if you believe that the object is of artificial origin. Conventional understanding of technological development of mankind tells us that there is no way humans could have made something like this at that time in history.

這個插頭的直徑約 8 公釐,插銷部分大約 3 公釐高,插銷間的距離約 2.5 公釐,插銷的厚度大約 1 公釐。 Williams 說,他請工程師和地質學家檢查這個物品,結果顯示這個鑲嵌在花崗岩裡的插頭並沒有黏著或是焊接的痕跡,所以很清楚,這個物品在這個石頭成型時就已經存在了。

根據地質分析,研究人員認為這個「 石頭 」至少有十萬年的歷史,如果它是人造品,那是多麽不可思議的一件事。人類科技發展的主流認知告訴我們,人類是不可能在那時候就造出這樣的物品的。

The device has been compared by some researchers to an electronic XLR connector or similar component. The artifact has a weak magnetic attraction, Ohmmeter readings indicate either open-circuit or very high impedance between the pins.
The artifact does not seem to be made out of wood, plastic, metal, rubber, or any other recognizable material. Williams has not allowed the object to be broken in half for analysis but X-ray tests have shown that the artifact has a mysterious “opaque internal structure” in the center of the stone.
According to Williams, melted blobs of a metallic-like material on the component’s periphery indicate that some metal object near the Petradox was subjected to such high temperatures to cause metal melting and molten metal splashing or sputtering onto the embedded component.
Skeptics firmly believe that this 100,000-year-old electrical component is a manufactured hoax, but Williams does not agree.
He is convinced that he has found a genuine artifact that belonged to an advanced ancient civilization or an extraterrestrial race. Williams is willing to let researchers authenticate the artifact under certain conditions: that he is present during the analysis and that the rock remains unharmed.

一些研究人員把這個裝置和影音器材常用的 XLR 端子或是相似的零件做比較。這個人造品有微弱的磁引力,歐姆計( Ohmmeter )顯示插銷間有斷路或非常高的阻抗。這個人造品看來並不是由木頭、塑膠、金屬、橡膠或是任何其他已知的物質做成的。 Williams 不允許這個物品被切成兩半,但是他允許 X 光的測試,測試結果顯示這個人造品的內部中心有一個神秘的不透明構造。

Williams 說,這個物品的周圍有融化金屬般的融珠,這表示某種靠近「 悖論 」的金屬物體曾經承受高溫,使金屬融化,而融化的金屬就濺到這個鑲嵌在石中的插頭上。懷疑者堅信這個有十萬年歷史的插頭絕對是人為的惡作劇,但是 Williams 不同意。他相信他確實找到了一個真正的、由高等古文明或外星種族製造的人造品。 Williams 很樂意在他在場、石頭無損的情況下讓研究人員認證這個人造品的真假。

Science does not have interest in these object because they are afraid. The artifact has two possibilities.
While scientific analysis could confirm it as being an elaborate hoax, it could also radically change our understanding of the history of mankind and change the way we look at history and our origins.

科學界對這個物品沒有興趣是因為他們害怕。這個人造品有兩個可能的解釋:雖然科學界的分析可以證明這個物品是個精細的惡作劇 , 但是分析出來的結果也可以顛覆已知的人類歷史,並且改變我們看歷史的方式以及看待人類起源的方式。

來源: ancientcode