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羅馬尼亞有一種神秘「活石」: 他們會成長、移動

Image Credit: Above Top Secret
圖片來源: Above Top Secret

Located in Romania, we find something that at first may seem impossible: Stones that are able to GROW and MOVE. Referred to as ‘trovants’, the curious stones have puzzled experts ever since their discovery. No one can say for sure how these stones grow, and how they are able to move.

我們在羅馬尼亞發現不可思議的東西:可以生長並且會移動的石頭。這種石頭被稱為「 trovants 」( 術語,意為膠結砂岩 )。從這種神奇石頭被發現開始,專家們就疑惑不已。沒有人可以確定這些石頭是怎麼生長、怎麼移動的。

Even though many associate Romania as the country of Dracula, and some think of piles of bloodthirsty vampires other creatures created by the imagination of Hollywood, this country is also home to one of the most mysterious objects on Earth: Living Stones.
The enigmatic living stones can grow from a few millimeters, to as large as 10 meters.
Located near Costesti, a small Romanian village we find curious objects called ‘trovants’.
Trovants is a Romanian geological term which simply means cemented sand. The name was introduced by the Romanian naturalist Gh. M. Murgoci in his work “The Tertiary in Oltenia”.
In 2004, The “Muzeul Trovantilor” or “Trovants Museum Natural Reserve “ was commissioned to protect the unusual geological creations.
You can even plant a ‘trovant’ in your garden and wait for it to grow.
Locals also refer to the mystery stones as “The Stones that Grow” since, after every rain, new formations rise from the ground. This has led to the creation of countless myths.

很多人聽到羅馬尼亞就想到吸血鬼德古拉,也有人會想到一群由好萊塢想像力創造出來的嗜血吸血鬼,但這個國家其實也是一種神秘物體的家,它可以說是地球上最神祕的事物之一:活石( Living Stones )。這種神秘的活石可以從幾公釐成長到十公尺,它們的所在位置靠近羅馬尼亞中南部的 Costesti 村。「 Trovants ( 膠結砂岩 )」是羅馬尼亞的地理術語,意思是水泥砂土。這個名字出自羅馬尼亞自然主義者 Gh. M. Murgoci 的著作 「 The Tertiary in Oltenia( 奧爾泰尼亞的第三紀 ) 」。

2004 年時,「 Muzeul Trovantilor( 膠結砂岩博物館 )」,或稱「 Trovants Museum Natural Reserve ( 膠結砂岩博物館自然保護 )」接受了一個委託,委託內容是保護這種不尋常的地理造物。

你可以在你的花園裡「種 」一個活石,看著它長大。當地人為這種神秘石頭起了另一個稱呼「 The Stones that Grow ( 會成長的石頭 )」,因為每次下雨過後,新型態的石頭就會從地上長出來。這些都讓這種造物身負無數的謎團。

Image Credit: Above Top Secret
圖片來源: Above Top Secret

Every time it rains, the dormant stones come to life and mysteriously start…growing.
The enigmatic ‘living stones’ literally spring to life after coming into contact with water after heavy rainfall.
However, these enigmatic stones are not only able to GROW, scientists have found that they are able to MOVE from one place to ANOTHER.

每次下雨,休眠的石頭就會活過來,並且會神秘地開始… 生長。這種神秘的「活石」,如同字面上的意思,在大雨過後,當它們接觸到水份,它們就會活過來。然而,這些神秘的石頭並不僅僅會生長,科學家發現它們還會移動,從一個地方移動到另一個地方。

Stones that grow and… move?
會生長和移動的… 石頭?

Scientists have yet to successfully explain’ how on Earth this is possible. However, WhenOnEarth tells us that “…any form of water rich in calcium carbonate is essential in forming a Trovant, and that is also the key to make the rock grow’ in the presence of rainwater. After every heavy rain shower, Trovants absorb the rain’s minerals. The minerals are combined with the chemicals already present in the stone that later creates a reaction and pressure inside. The pressure spontaneously makes the rock grow from the center to its margins and multiply, with a deposition rate of about 4-5 cm in 1000 years.”

科學家們對此還沒有成功的解釋,這種石頭的存在真是太不可思議了。但是, WhenOnEarth 告訴我們:「無論是什麼型態的水,存在於在碳酸鈣中的大量水份是造出 Trovant 活石的必要條件,同時也是讓這種活石在雨水中生長的關鍵。每次大雨過後,Trovant 活石會吸收雨水中的礦物質 ,這些礦物質包含 Trovant 活石中的化學物質 ,這些化學物質會在活石內部產生反應,並且製造壓力,這種壓力會自然地使活石生長,從中央到它的外緣,體積會增加,以大約每一千年四到五公分的堆積率成長。」

According to the International Geological Congress conducted in Oslo 2008, “Trovanti” were improperly considered as “sandstone concretions”.
Some explanations for the stones’ movement leans towards alternative explanations like weird magnetism, alien intervention, and strange energy vortexes in the region.
Many believe that the mysterious living rocks came into existence due to earthquakes which rocked the region some six million years ago.
Curiously when scientists cut the stones in half they found that the “living stones” consist of cemented sand and mineral salts, and observed strange rings—like the ones you see when you cut a tree—which reveal their age. This has led many authors and experts to refer to these mysterious stones as ‘inorganic form of life.
As many authors indicate, Trovants tend to appear with smooth and edgeless shapes.
Cylindrical, nodular, and spherical; Trovants develop inconsistent shapes as they grow and multiply due to irregular cement secretion.
However, the living stones are not ‘native’ to Romania. You can find similar ‘rocks’ in Russia, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, and other places.
Here are a couple of videos:

根據國際地質大會( International Geological Congress )在 2008 年於奧斯陸舉行的會議內容, Trovanti 活石被錯認為是砂岩結石。對於這種石頭的移動現象,有些解釋有另類傾向,例如:奇怪的磁性、外星介入、那個區域有奇怪的能量漩渦等。

許多人相信,這種神秘的活石是因為地震而出現,而且這場地震發生在大約六百萬年前。奇怪的事,當科學家把這些石頭切成一半,他們發現這種活石是由水泥砂和無機鹽組成,而且,他們也觀察到奇怪的環狀物,這些環狀物就像是你把樹砍成兩半時會看到的東西,也就是能展現樹齡的年輪。這讓許多作者和專家將這些神秘活石稱為「生命的無機形式( inorganic form of life )」。

如同許多作者寫的, Trovants 活石以光滑無稜角的形狀存在著。

圓柱形、小節瘤、球形, 隨著 Trovants 活石的生長,它們發展出不同的形狀,並且因為不規律的分泌物而增大。但是,這種活石並不是羅馬尼亞當地特有的產物,你可以在俄國、哈薩克、捷克和其他地方發現類似的石頭。


Muzeul Trovantilor din Costesti [HD] Trovants – Romania, living rocks
膠結砂岩博物館的 Costesti 村 Trovants 活石( 高畫質 ):羅馬尼亞,活石


Romania stones called ‘Trovants’ literally grow & multiply by themselves
在羅馬尼亞被稱為「 膠結砂岩 Trovants」的石頭,如字面上的意思,它能自己成長移動


Remember, if you ever go to Romania stop by Costesti and check out these fascinating yet mysterious formations that continue to amaze both Scientists and tourists alike.

如果你有去羅馬尼亞拜訪,記得到 Costesti 村看看這些迷人的神秘物體,這些活石現在還在繼續驚艷科學家和遊客。


來源: ancientcode