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阿凡達機器人成真!南韓秘密建造的 13 英尺「 戰爭機器 」模仿駕駛員走路

• The machine has taken its first steps, after two years secretly in development
• Robotics company ‘Korea Future Technology’ is behind the machine
• Avatar-style robot is controlled by a pilot sitting inside making limb movements
• The robot is so heavy it makes the ground around it shake when it takes steps

  1. 在兩年的秘密研發後,這個機器邁出了它的第一步。
  2. 由機器人公司「 韓國未來科技公司 」( Korea Future Technology )出品。

  3. 阿凡達( Avatar )風格的機器人由坐在裡面的駕駛人操作肢體動作。

  4. 這個機器人很重,當它走動,它周圍的地面都在震動。

A 13-foot tall robot that walks like a human, making the ground around it shake, could soon become a reality.
Seoul-based robotics company ‘Korea Future Technology’ has completed the first tests of its giant human-like robot, called METHOD-1.
The robot, which has been developed in secret for two years, walks by mimicking the actions of its pilot sitting inside.
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一個 13 英尺高的機器人像人類般走路,使地面震動,這,很快將成為事實。以首爾( Seoul )作為根據地的機器人公司「 韓國未來科技公司 」( Korea Future Technology )完成了他們人巨大形機器人的第一次測試,這個機器人叫 METHOD-1。


( 下拉觀賞影片 )

13 foot ‘Avatar war’ robot learns to walk and mimic human movements

13 英尺高的「 阿凡達戰爭」機器人學習走路以及模仿人類動作

( 影片非 youtube ,不知如何複製連結 )

METHOD-1 機器人
The robot walks by mimicking the actions of its pilot sitting inside, moving its enormous arms and legs up and down.
The 13-foot (4 metre) tall robot is so heavy, 1.5 tons (1.36 tonnes) that it makes the ground around it shake when it takes steps.
這個機器人藉由模仿坐在裡頭的駕駛員的動作而行走,揮動它巨大的手臂,將腿舉起放下。這個 13 英尺( 4 公尺 )高的機器人非常重,有 1.5 噸( 1.36 公吨 ),當它行走時,附近的地面都在震動。

Resembling the giant machines that appeared in the 2009 film Avatar and the power loader from the 1986 film Aliens, the robot was the creation of Vitaly Bulgarov, a designer who has previously worked on sci-fi fims including the 2014 remake of Robocop, Transformers 4.
But now his work has moved from fiction into real life.

這個巨大機器人的外型讓人聯想到 2009 年的電影阿凡達( Avatar )的巨型機器人,以及 1986 年的電影異形 2( Aliens )裡的外骨骼機器人( power loader ),負責這個機器人開發項目的 3D 建模設計師名叫維塔利.保加羅夫( Vitaly Bulgarov ),他先前參與的科幻電影的作品有:2014 年重製的機器戰警( Robocop )、變形金剛 4 ( Transformers )。但現在他的作品從科幻變成了現實。

The giant robot, which is controlled by a pilot standing inside the machine, resembles the robots that appeared in the movie Avatar (pictured)

這個巨大的機器人由站在裡面的駕駛員操縱,就像電影阿凡達( Avatar )的機器人。( 如圖 )

A human inside the robot controls its movements

The designer has also revealed details of what the final robot will be made of, including carbon fibre for its legs.
But he has remained ambiguous about what the purpose of the robot will be in the future.
‘From a mechanical/software/hardware/electric engineering stand point it was quite an ambitious project that required developing and enhancing a lot of technologies along the way,’ he said.
‘That growth opens up many real world applications where everything we have been learning so far on this robot can be applied to solve real world problems. (I’m not just talking bipedal robots)
‘One of such projects is already in development, but I’m not allowed to say more at this moment.’

設計師也透露最後的機器人完成品細節,包括它腿上的碳纖維( carbon fibre )。但是他對於建造這個機器人的未來目的語帶保留。

他說:「 站在一個機械工程師、軟體工程師、硬體工程師、電機工程師的立場,這是一個很有雄心的計劃,需要發展並提升許多科技。而那樣的成長開啟了許多真實世界的應用,到目前為止我們從這個機器人身上學到的東西,可以被用來解決真實世界的問題。( 我並不是只指雙足機器人 )。像這樣的一個項目正在被發展,但是目前我不被允許說更多。」

Incredible one-tonne robot is programmed to walk and move its arms


( 影片非 youtube ,不知如何複製連結 )

The robot is designed for ‘utilitarian’ uses, according to its designer, but no further details of its application have been released

根據設計師的說法,這個機器人是為了「 功利 」用途而設計,但是更多關於它的應用細節並沒有被公佈。

METHOD-1 started as a project by Korea Future Technology in 2014, and an early prototype of the robot was released in November last year.

METHOD-1 是一個由「 韓國未來科技公司 」( Korea Future Technology )在 2014 年開始的項目,而這個機器人的一個早期原型在去年十一月被公佈。

明年將針對「 殺手機器人 」進行討論

Over 100 nations that are part of the international Convention on Conventional Weapons will debate a ban on so called ‘killer robots’ next year, it has been announced.

超過一百個國家是常規武器國際公約( international Convention on Conventional Weapons )的成員國,他們將針對「 殺手機器人」的禁令在明年進行討論,這個消息已被公佈。

At their five-year review conference in Geneva, the 123 nations that are part of the international Convention on Conventional Weapons, agreed to formalize their efforts next year to deal with the challenges raised by weapons systems that would select and attack targets without meaningful human control.

在他們於日內瓦舉行的第五屆審查會議上,這 123 個常規武器國際公約成員國,同意在明年將他們對於遏止無人控制自動瞄準攻擊武器系統的努力正式化。

It comes as experts warn ‘time is running out’ for controls on the technology.
‘The governments meeting in Geneva took an important step toward stemming the development of killer robots, but there is no time to lose’ said Steve Goose, arms director of Human Rights Watch, a co-founder of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots.

‘Once these weapons exist, there will be no stopping them.
‘The time to act on a pre-emptive ban is now.’

Steve Goose,人權觀察( Human Rights Watch )負責人,「 阻止殺手機器人運動 」( Campaign to Stop Killer Robots )的發起人,他警告:「 控制科技已刻不容緩。政府們在日內瓦的會面對於遏止殺手機器人是很重要的一步,但是已經沒有時間浪費了。一旦這樣的武器存在,沒有任何東西可以阻止它們。發起一個先發制人的禁令的時機就是現在。」

At the Fifth Review Conference of the UN Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons, countries around the world agreed to begin the formal discussions—which will take place for two weeks at the 2017 UN convention in Geneva—on a possible ban of lethal, autonomous weapons.
Talks will begin in April or August, and 88 countries have agreed to attend.

在第五屆特定常規武器聯合國公約的審查會議( the Fifth Review Conference of the UN Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons )上,全球國家們同意開始一個正式的討論,關於自主性致命武器的禁令,這將會在兩個禮拜後於日內瓦舉行的 2017 聯合國公約進行。

會談將會在四月或是八月開始,有 88 個國家已經同意參加。

來源: dailymail