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對匙叉的研究:幽浮獵人認為火星表面的「 匙叉 」是外星人用過的

Stargazers believe extinct extraterrestrial species left their cosmic cutlery on surface of the Red Planet

觀星者們相信滅絕的外星物種將他們的宇宙食具留在紅色星球( Red Planet )表面上。

ALIEN hunters have identified a “giant spoon” on Mars and claimed it’s evidence extraterrestrials once lived on the surface of the Red Planet.
The cutlery was spotted in images snapped by NASA’s Mars Rovers, prompting suggestions it was “probably left over from a lost civilisation”.

幽浮獵人在火星上發現一個「 巨大的湯匙 」,並且聲稱這是曾經在火星表面生活的外星生物留在紅色星球上的證據。
這個餐具的影像是由 NASA 的 火星探測漫游者( NASA’s Mars Rovers )捕捉到的,被認為這可能是「 某個失落的文明留下的。」

UFO hunters think they’ve found a giant spoon on Mars

A closeup of the ‘spoon’ that’s been spotted on Mars

Is this really evidence that aliens lived on Mars?

It was first documented by a YouTube channel called UFO Hunter, before being shared by a number of fellow alien believers.
Scott C Waring, one of the internet’s most spaced out stargazers, said: “This is a fantastic discovery of an eating utensil near the Mars Curiosity rover.
“The spoon is actually the second spoon to be found on Mars, and this one is an exact duplicate of the earlier discovery…there is almost no difference in the spoons found.”
He also said the pictures showed another “eating utensil that resembles a spoon but with a triangle end to it”.
These are commonly known as sporks.

在眾多外星信眾分享前,這首先在名為幽浮獵人( UFO Hunter )的 YouTube 頻道發表。
Scott C Waring 是網路上最熱衷的觀星者之一,他說:「 這個靠近好奇號( Curiosity,是一輛美國太空總署火星科學實驗室轄下的火星探測車 )的餐具是一個美妙的發現。這個湯匙事實上是第二個在火星上找到的湯匙,這次找到的和上次找到的一模一樣…這兩次找到的湯匙簡直一模一樣。它是一個形似湯匙的餐具,但是它的端部是三角形。」


This image was snapped by the NASA Mars Rover – but does it show a spoon?
這個影像由火星探測漫游者( NASA’s Mars Rovers )捕捉。你覺得它像湯匙嗎?

Waring added: “Now that could also be a stirrer or even a knife if you use the opposite end of it, but its dimensions match the spoon.
“It’s length, width, and thickness all match the spoon.
“This one shows that the beings that used this spoon had hands similar size to our own. That would make them our size, how cool is that?”
Of course, there’s every chance the image is little more than an optical illusion, rather than unequivocal evidence that aliens ate their dinner with sporks.
But try telling that to people who claims Mars is home to gigantic alien bases and littered with dead alien bodies.

Scott C Waring 補充:「 這也可以是一個攪拌器或是一個刀子,如果你用它的另一端的話,但是從它的尺寸看,這應是一個湯匙。它的長寬以及厚度與湯匙吻合。這個用具顯示了使用它的生命有和我們差不多尺寸的手。從這可以推測他們的體型和我們差不多,這很酷吧?」

但是你可以試試看把這些對那些聲稱「 火星是巨大外星人的家園基地」、「 火星到處是亂丟的外星人屍體」的人說說看,不知道他們會有什麼反應。