There Is No Time. There Never Was and There Never Will Be 時間不存在,現在沒有,以後也不會有

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There Is No Time. There Never Was and There Never Will Be


Everything exists in the present moment and it’s a fundamental principle of the Universe that many of our scientists are still trying to graspBut the idea that time flows past you is just as absurd as the suggestion that space does.

The trouble with time started a century ago, when Einstein’s special and general theories of relativity demolished the idea of time as a universal constant. One consequence is that the past, present, and future are not absolutes. Einstein’s theories also opened a rift in physics because the rules of general relativity (which describe gravity and the large-scale structure of the cosmos) seem incompatible with those of quantum physics (which govern the realm of the tiny).




The result is a picture known as the block universe: the universe seen from that impossible vantage point outside space and time. Past and future are no more physically distinguished than left and right.

The equations of physics do not tell us which events are occurring right now–they are like a map without the you are here” symbol. Additionally, Albert Einstein’s theories of relativity suggest not only that there is no single special present but also that all moments are equally real.




Some four decades ago, the renowned physicist John Wheeler, then at Princeton, and the late Bryce DeWitt, then at the University of North Carolina, developed an extraordinary equation that provides a possible framework for unifying relativity and quantum mechanics. But the Wheeler-ÂDeWitt equation has always been controversial, in part because it adds yet another, even more baffling twist to our understanding of time.


大約四十年前,知名的普林斯顿大学物理學家約翰·惠勒(John Wheeler)與北卡羅萊納大學的布萊斯·德威特(Bryce DeWitt)發展出一個傑出的方程式,它可以提供一個可能的框架來統合相對論和量子力學。但這個惠勒德威特方程式(Wheeler-ÂDeWitt equation )一直很有爭議性,一方面是因為它融合兩種理論,一方面是因為它在我們對時間理解中增加更多難以理解的扭曲。



Why space and time have a secret connection




One finds that time just disappears from the Wheeler-DeWitt equation,”says Carlo Rovelli, a physicist at the University of the Mediterranean in Marseille, France. It is an issue that many theorists have puzzled about. It may be that the best way to think about quantum reality is to give up the notion of time–that the fundamental description of the universe must be timeless.”

One might say that when we better understand consciousness we will better understand time.The interrelationship between time and consciousness from the human perspective is limited, when in fact it is unlimited.


法國馬賽地中海大學的物理學家Carlo Rovelli說:「在惠勒德威特方程式中,時間消失了。這是許多理論學家感到疑惑的地方。或許思考量子現實的最好方法就是放棄時間的概念,也就是宇宙一定是永恆的概念。」




There Is No Such Thing As Time


Julian Barbour’s solution to the problem of time in physics and cosmology is as simply stated as it is radical: there is no such thing as time.


Einstein changed this picture by unifying space and time into a single 4-D entity. But even Einstein failed to challenge the concept of time as a measure of change.  Barbour sees each individual moment as a whole, complete and existing in its own right. He calls these moments Nows.”

As we live, we seem to move through a succession of Nows,”says Barbour, and the question is, what are they?  There are simply the Nows, nothing more, nothing less.”


The point is, all we have are these records and you only have them in this Now.”


英國牛津大學客座教授、理論物理學家朱利安巴伯(Julian Barbour)對物理學、宇宙學上關於時間的問題,提出了一個解決方式,也就是一個簡單激進的陳述:「時間並不存在。」


愛因斯坦將空間和時間統合為一個四維存在。但是就連愛因斯坦都在挑戰時間為變量量度的概念上失敗。朱利安巴伯將每個獨立的時刻視為一個完整獨立的存在。他將這些時刻稱為「現在(Nows )」。朱利安巴伯:「當我們活著,我們似乎穿越過連續的現在。問題是,它們是什麼?這裡只有現在,沒有更多,沒有更少。重點是,我們擁有的就是這些經歷,而我們只在現在擁有它們。」


Time, in this view, is not something that exists apart from the universe. Contrary to what Newton believed, our ordinary clocks don’t measure something that’s independent of the universe.

The word Mechanics”used in the term Quantum Mechanics  If


Science says In the absence of scientific proof it’s not worth the time discussing. If it can not be put in a box with a label then forget it. Go figure out what box you can put it in, label it, then come back to us and we’ll see if we agree”. Can you see the limitations that this puts on human development?

Quantum particle behavior can not be explained in terms of science aloneWe must go beyond the mind to access the answers.






Einstein, for one, drew solace from the view of the timeless universe he had helped to create, consoling the family of a recently deceased friend: Now he has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”