This Giant Cube UFO Keeps Returning To Our Sun. Why? [NASA Hidden Files] 這個巨大的方塊幽浮一直返回我們的太陽,為什麼?( NASA 機密檔案 )

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這個巨大的方塊幽浮一直返回我們的太陽,為什麼?( NASA 機密檔案 )

What may look like a smudge on the picture to some, is said to be a conspiracy cover-up by others.

A Martian researcher discovered a black cube ‘orbiting’ the sun while analyzing an image sent back from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory.
This isn’t the first time a mysterious square has been spotted near the massive ball of gas and some claim this is Nasa’s method for covering up alien spacecraft that get caught in the images.
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一位火星研究人員在分析一張從太陽和太陽圈探測器( Solar and Heliospheric Observatory )傳回的圖片時,發現有一個黑色方塊繞著太陽運行。這個神秘方塊並不是第一次被目擊到出現在靠近太陽的地方,有些人認為它是 NASA 為了掩蓋圖片中的外星太空船所做的處理。

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A Martian researcher discovered a black cube.
‘This cube has been seen before off and on,’ explained Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily, on his blog.
‘Sometimes it’s seen in three dimensions other times like this just two’.
Warning stumbled upon this find on May 2 while looking at SOHO EIT 284, but while searching through Nasa’s images, the picture shown does not have a black cube.
As he noted in the blog, the cube has been spotted on a few other pictures sent back from the satellite.

UFO目擊日報( UFO Sightings Daily )版主史考特‧華林(Scott C. Waring )在他的部落格上解釋:「 這個方塊在之前曾不時地被發現。有時它是以三維的型態被看到,有時候只有二維,就像這張圖片裡的一樣。」

史考特‧華林偶然在五月二日發現這個方塊,當時他正在看編號 SOHO EIT 284 的太陽實時照片,但是當他去搜尋 NASA 的圖片,出現的圖片畫面卻沒有那個黑色方塊。就像他在部落格上寫的,從衛星回傳的其他幾張圖片中,也有這個方塊的存在。

‘This cube has been seen before off and on,’

In 2011, a similar ‘Box’ was snapped floating around the top area of the sun and the same claim to cover up UFOs orbiting the ball of gas was presented.
‘For a cube to be missing from a photo either it was cut out by Nasa to hide something or… it is a cube flying in orbit around the sun?’, writes Waring.

在 2011 年,一個相似的「盒子」曾被拍到漂浮在太陽頂部附近的區域,它一樣被認為是為了掩蓋繞著太陽運行的幽浮而存在。史考特‧華林:「 這個方塊從圖片裡失蹤,它可能是被 NASA 剪掉,為了隱藏某種東西,或是…它是一個繞著太陽軌道飛行的方塊? 」

前 NASA 職員表示, NASA 將「聖誕老人」作為三個幽浮的代號

Three flying saucers were spotted on the moon during Nasa’s lunar landings, according to the bizarre claims of a former Nasa contractor.
In a YouTube video testimony, Dona Hare says the space agency covered up a series of UFO sighting that they codenamed ‘Santa Claus’.

根據前任 NASA 職員的說法,有三個飛碟在 NASA 登陸月球時於月球上被目擊。在一個 YouTube 的見證影片中, NASA 前職員 Dona Hare 表示, NASA 掩蓋了許多幽浮的目擊,這些幽浮被 NASA 以代號「 聖誕老人( Santa Claus )」稱呼。

“The NASA Conspiracy” – Donna Hare
「 NASA 的陰謀 」- NASA 前職員 Dona Hare

Hare claims she was told by numerous sources, which she does not name, about three UFOs that landed shortly after one of the moon landings.
Not only is she accusing Nasa of hiding UFOs from the public, she has also stated the agency has doctored and obscured thousands of photos. She went on record to state the agency erases anomalies from pictures before selling them to the public.
During her time at Nasa, she was employed as an illustrator and photographic slide technician and received many awards for her work.
She claims Nasa threatened those who dared speak about the UFO sightings or airbrushed pictures.
Another alien hunters has evidence that supports Waring’s theory…
One day later, NASA shut down the spacecraft’s video feed as it went into ’Emergency Sun Reacquisition Mode.’
‘This is a cover up to prevent us from seeing these things again. NASA must have seen this video and started making plans to change the way you and I are allowed to view it,’ he said in a second video.
‘I think this is proof that NASA are covering this up.
‘NASA are clearly trying to stop us looking at the sun,’ he added.

NASA 前職員 Dona Hare 表示,許多消息來源告訴她, NASA 某次登月後不久,有三個幽浮也降落在月球上。她沒有透露消息提供者是誰。她不只指控 NASA 對大眾隱瞞幽浮的存在,同時也表示 NASA 模糊和篡改了數千張圖片。在影片中她接著表示, NASA 將圖片中所有異常的地方消除,然後才公佈給大眾看。

在她於 NASA 工作期間,她是以插畫家和攝影幻燈片技師的身份被雇傭的,她以這些作品得到許多獎項。她表示, NASA 威脅所有人不准說出幽浮目擊以及圖片被竄改的真相。其他幽浮獵人持有證據,能支持 Dona Hare 的說法…

一天後, NASA 關閉了太空船的直播影片,畫面進入「緊急太陽重新擷取模式( Emergency Sun Reacquisition Mode )」。

這位幽浮獵人在第二個影片中說:「 這是為了避免我們再度看到這些東西。 NASA 一定看到了這個影片,並且開始制定計劃來改變你我所被允許的觀看方式。我想這是 NASA 在掩蓋一切的證據。 很顯然 NASA 正在試圖阻止我們觀看太陽。」

As he noted in the blog, the cube has been spotted on a few other pictures.
All of the images and video seen by these two conspiracy theorists is a project between ESA and Nasa to learn more about the sun that launched in 1995.
Solar and Heliospheric Observatory was created to answer there fundamental questions: What is the structure and dynamics of the solar interior, why does the solar corona exist and how is it heated to the extremely high temperature of about 1,000,000 degrees Kelvin and where is the solar wind produced and how is it accelerated?

這兩個陰謀論者看到的所有圖片和影片是關於一個歐洲太空總署( ESA )和 NASA 合作的計畫,為了暸解更多關於太陽的事,所以有這個開始於 1995 年的計畫。太陽和太陽圈探測器是為了找到以下基本問題的答案而建造的:太陽內部的結構和動力學是什麼樣的?為什麼日冕存在?它是如何加溫到極端高溫約一百萬克耳文( Kelvin,絕對溫度 )的?太陽風是從哪裡產生的?它是怎麼加速的?

On May 5, 2012, a YouTuber claimed to have spotted a UFO.
2012 年五月五日,一位 Youtuber 表示他目擊到幽浮。

Researchers gather intelligence about the solar interior by exploring seismic waves produced in the turbulent outer shell of the sun, which appears as ripples on the surface.
The satellite also provides an unprecedented breadth and depth of information about the sun, from its interior, through the hot atmosphere, to the solar wind and how it interacts with the interstellar medium.


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