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“There are structures on the surface of Mars. I will tell you for the record that there are structures underneath the surface of Mars that cannot be seen by the Voyager cameras that went by in 1976…” (Source)

「 火星上有建築物。我會告訴你關於火星地底的建築物的紀錄,它們沒辦法被 1976 年發射的旅行者號( Voyager )的相機捕捉到。」( 來源 )

The last five years have been a revolutionary period for humanity. Like never before, highly ranked government officials, military personnel, and astronauts have decided it’s time to speak out about UFOs and Alien life.
One of the most influential people in the United States’ disclosure movement is John Podesta, Chief of Staff for Bill Clinton and Counsellor to Barack Obama, and chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Podesta recently stated: “The time to pull the curtain back on this subject is long overdue. We have statements from the most credible sources – those in a position to know – about a fascinating phenomenon, the nature of which is yet to be determined.”


在美國的洩密活動中,其中一個最有影響力的人士是約翰波德斯塔( John Podesta ),比爾柯林頓白宮幕僚長和貝拉克歐巴馬的資深顧問, 2016 年希拉蕊柯林頓的競選團隊總幹事。波德斯塔最近表示:「 早該拉開這隱瞞事實的窗簾了。我們已經有來自最可靠消息來源的陳述,他們來自可以知道事實的職位或是地位,他們知道那些還未被確認的、迷人的自然生命。」

Mankind has become witness to one of the largest disclosure movements in the history of our planet. We have become aware that the UFO phenomenon is not an isolated event, and there is more information on the matter than we have been led to believe.
In the last couple of years, high-ranking individuals from politics, government and military have spoken out freely about the UFO phenomenon, suggesting that its real and deserves more attention.
However, one of the most important and influential quotes about alien life, and the UFO phenomenon comes from Dr. Brian O’Leary, Former NASA Astronaut, and Princeton Physics Professor, who said: “There is abundant evidence that we are being contacted, that civilizations have been contacting us for a very long time.”



其中一個最重要的、具影響力的,關於外星生命與幽浮現象的發言,來自前 NASA 太空人、普林斯頓大學物理學教授 Brian O’Leary 博士曾發言:「 有很多證據可以證明人類曾被聯絡,某些文明長久以來一直在聯絡我們。」

The UFO phenomenon, however, is not an isolated event only seen on planet Earth. While there are millions of people around the globe who claim to have seen objects in the sky that defy explanation, astronauts in space have witnessed incredible things in the last decades.
From the Apollo mission to the International Space Station, there is enough footage to make a strong argument when it comes to otherworldly visitations. Simply put, there are things that even science cannot explain.
Whether we are talking about Earth, the Moon, or Mars, the UFO phenomenon is everywhere, and one of the most interesting statements made in recent years comes from General Stubblebine.
Albert “Bert” Newton Stubblebine III is a retired United States Army major general whose active duty career spanned 32 years. General Stubblebine is considered one of America’s most distinguished soldiers and was chief of U.S. Army Intelligence.


從阿波羅任務到國際太空站,有足夠的證據證明來自世外的拜訪的確存在,的確有科學無法解釋的事。當我們談到地球、月球或是火星,幽浮現象發生在任何地方,其中一個最有趣的陳述是近年的史達柏拜恩少將講述的( General Stubblebine )。

史達柏拜恩三世( Albert Stubblebine III )是一位結束 32 年軍人生涯的退休美國少將。史達柏拜恩少將是美國其中一位最傑出的軍人,也曾是美國情報指揮部總司令。

One of the most fascinating statements about Mars was made when General Stubblebine said:
“There are structures on the surface of Mars. I will tell you for the record that there are structures underneath the surface of Mars that cannot be seen by the Voyager cameras that went by in 1976. I will also tell you that there are machines on the surface of Mars, and there are machines under the surface of Mars that you, can look at, you can find out in detail, you can see what they are, where they are, who they are and a lot of detail about them.” (Dolan, Richard. UFOs And The National Security State: New York: Richard Dolan Press)(source 2)
However, his statements aren’t empty ones. In the last couple of years, NASA’s rovers exploring the red planet have photographed a huge amount of unexplained structures on the red planet. And while ALL of the mystery structures are explained as Pareidolia, millions of people around the globe firmly believe there are things on Mars which are being kept away from society, just as there are structures on the surface of the moon which NASA has tried hard to keep from society.
Here below are some of the most fascinating images we have found from the surface of Mars.

其中一個最迷人的關於火星的陳述就是史達柏拜恩少將說的:「 火星上有建築物。我會告訴你關於火星地底的建築物的紀錄,它們沒辦法被 1976 年發射的旅行者號( Voyager )的相機捕捉到。火星上同時也有機械,表面和地下都有,你可以看到它們,你可以發現細節,你可以看到它們是什麼,它們在哪裡,它們是誰以及關於它們的很多細節。」( Dolan Richard, 幽浮以及國家安全狀態:紐約:Dolan Richard 報導 )( 來源 2 )

他的說法不是空穴來風。在過去幾年,NASA 的流浪者號探索火星,在火星表面拍下很多難以解釋的建築物。當所有無法解釋的建築物都被解釋為錯覺,上百萬地球民眾還是堅持相信火星上的確有東西,但是大眾被隱瞞了,就像月球表面的建築物一樣, NASA 也強力不讓大眾知道真相。以下是一些火星表面上最迷人的照片。

來源: ancientcode

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