You Can Rewire Your Brain to Have a Super Memory 你可以幫你的大腦重接線路,並得到超級記憶

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You Can Rewire Your Brain to Have a Super Memory


Mnemonic Jocks(此單字在美國學生間用於形容風雲人物,故以此翻譯)


We know the brains of memory athletes” are different—but it’s not because they started out that way. The tasks that elite mnemonic athletes undertake in competitions may seem impossible to most of us, no matter how intelligent we are. Memorizing 500 digits in five minutes, for example, or thousands of random wordsin sequence. Yet new research showsthat most people can successfully master and apply the memorization techniques that memory athletes use. Even more fascinating, research indicates that as we apply these techniques, we literally rewire our brains on a large scale.




The Radboud University research team, led by Martin Dresler, compared the minds of memory champions to those of people in the general population using brain scans and behavioral tests. These comparisons revealed a different pattern of brain connectivity in the brains of top memory athletes versus the controls. The team also found that the changes to brain connection patterns caused by learning a common memorization technique began to appear after a period of weeks. Not surprisingly, these subjects were able to significantly improve their memory skills and exhibit behaviors similar to those of memory athletes.


奈梅亨大學的研究團隊由Martin Dresler帶領,他們將記憶比賽冠軍的大腦與普通人的大腦做比較,使用的工具是腦部掃描和行為測試。這些比較揭露了頂尖記憶運動員在控制大腦時,腦中的大腦連結有與眾不同的的模式。這個研究團隊也發現,大腦連結模式會在學習基本記憶技巧後的幾週內產生變化。不意外地,這些受試者可以顯著地改進他們的記憶技巧,並且表現出與那些記憶運動員相似的行為。


It makes sense that learning new skills throughout our lives could be healthy for our brains, but there isn’t complete scientific evidence for its efficacy. However, some research links specific changes in the brain to certain skills. For example, one study showedthat taxi drivers in London developed more gray matter in their hippocampi as they learned to navigate the streets of the city, and therefore had larger-than-average memory centers. The scientists were able to definitively say that not only did the drivers have larger memory centers built up by their time on the roads, but that the development of this form of memory might inhibit development in other areas.




Hit The (Brain) Gym


I think the interesting part is that not only can you boost memory in a similar way behaviorally in normal subjects compared to memory athletes,” Dresler says, but on the brain level you see a reflection of that behavioral increase, and you drive the brains of naive subjects into the patterns of the best memorizers in the world.”

The results of this study concur with recent findings that some Alzheimer’s patients appear to be resistant to memory loss. The idea that the typical plaques associated with Alzheimer’s may be present in a brain that continues to function normally suggests there may be protective factors involved, or practices we can adopt to maintain healthier minds as we age.


The results of this super memorizer study certainly imply that rewiring the brain is within reach for most of us.


奈梅亨大學的Martin Dresler 說:「我認為最有趣的部分是,你可以使用與記憶運動員相似的方法、在普通行為中增進你的記憶。在大腦的層面上,你可以看到因為行為增加而產生的反應,而且你讓你原本普通的大腦漸漸擁有世界頂級記憶者的大腦連結模式。」


他們的研究結果與一個近期的發現有一致性。這個發現是:有些阿兹海默病對記憶喪失有抵抗力。對此,有一個想法是:典型的阿滋海默斑塊可能會出現在腦部,而且這種腦部會正常運作,也就是說,或許在這之中有某些保護因素發揮了作用; 或者是,這些病人在年老時有練習一些他們可以負擔的心智活動。