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After Elections, Strangers Left Messages On New York’s Subway Walls To Remind Us All That We Will Be Okay



After the US Election result, for some, our response is only to act through criticism. We run to protest. We reach for the megaphone. We tweet until we’re blue in the face. And that’s great — we need people on the front lines. But for many of us, we need to be OK ourselves before we can act. We need inner peace. We need focus. We need time. And that’s where the idea of Subway Therapy by Levee” comes in.


在美國總統大選結果出爐後,我們其中一些人只是不斷地批評。抗議、透過擴音器表達想法,或是在推特上猛推,直到了解一切都是徒勞無功。這些不是壞事,我們的確需要站在第一線的人。但是對我們其中大部分的人來說,我們需要在行動前先安撫我們自己; 我們需要內在的平靜以及專注; 我們需要時間。而那就是這個由藝術家「Levee 」發起的「地鐵治療」的靈感來源。


Artist Matthew Levee” Chavez runs Subway Therapy below the streets of New York City. He usually sets up shop underground with a table and two chairs — one for him, and another for any stranger to sit down and chat about whatever’s on their mind.

藝術家「Matthew Levee” Chavez」在紐約市的地底下進行「地鐵治療」已有一段時間。他通常將一個桌子、兩把椅子一放,就是他的「商店」。一把椅子是他坐的,另一把是任何一位陌生人坐的。人們坐下,向這位藝術家傾訴自己內心的想法。


Chavez thought his services would be especially helpful in the aftermath of a divisive election that left many feeling anxious, scared, and confounded. I think there’s so much fear, despair, depression, anxiety, stress, that it’s really crippling people’s ability to move forward,” he said.




He pulled out his table and chairs, like usual, but decided to go a step further this time, bringing Post-it notes and some pens for folks to express themselves in writing and stick their notes to the tiled wall.





This artist asked strangers to post notes on New York’s subway walls to express their feelings about election


這位藝術家  「Matthew Levee” Chavez」邀請陌生人在紐約地鐵的牆上貼上訊息,表達他們對總統大選的感覺

The idea took off. About 1,500 notes were left posted to the wall

這個想法開始流行。大約1500 個便利貼被留在牆上

Writing your emotions on a sticky note clearly helps



We will be OKAY”



Your Hijab is Beautiful,” it clearly says it all



I will always stand by your side,” read another


Stand tall. We will overcome and grow together”



Dear NY… Walk into this storm with strong hearts and firm feet”


親愛的紐約… 帶著堅強的心和堅定的雙腿走入這個風暴。」

I love you”


Have a voice”



What an amazing day. 1,500 posts by so many awesome people


多麽棒的一天。來自這麼多棒透的人們的1500 個便利貼。