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Barcelonian photographer Xavi Bou has a deep-seated passion for birds and their ability to fly freely. In his ongoing photographic project titled Ornitographies, Bou utilizes a non-invasive, self-mastered variation of chronophotography in order to capture the marvelous shapes and patterns generated during the course of birds’ flight. His technique allows him to make the invisible visible, crystallizing the states of past, present and future all in one frame.


巴塞隆納攝影師Xavi Bou對鳥兒和牠們自由飛翔的能力充滿熱情。在他持續進行的攝影計畫「正投影(Ornitographies)」中,Xavi Bou利用不具侵略性、具自我控制性的多種定時攝影的應用方法來捕捉影像,好捕捉飛鳥飛行期間形成的出色形狀和圖形。他所擁有的技巧讓他能將無形的事物以有形的形式捕捉下來,在一張照片裡凍結過去、現在、未來的狀態。


I wished to know what the shape of their flight in the sky would look like if our perception of time was different,” Bou says of the series.

Bou’s admiration for birds stems from his long and unforgettable childhood walks with his grandfather through the Llobregat Delta, one of Earth’s most flourishing wetlands and the home of many different varieties of bird species. Since then, his passion has continued to grow, eventually becoming the focus of his profession. The title of the series, Ornitographies  is derived from the words bird” and writing” translated in Greek to Ornis”  and Graphia.” Bou considers his work to be at the intersection art and science, relating the images to a type visual poetry.

Check out some of the photographs from Bou’s Ornitographiesseries in the selection below. For more information about his method and the regions he explores, or to see more of his photography, check him out on:  XaviBou.com| facebook.


Xavi Bou說:「我想知道,如果我們對時間的感知不同,牠們在空中飛行時的形狀會是什麼樣子。」


Xavi Bou對鳥兒深厚的喜愛來自他難忘且長久的童年回憶,他與祖父走在拉布里蓋特三角洲濕地(Llobregat Delta),地球上其中一個最繁盛的濕地,同時也是許多不同種鳥類的家。從那時候開始,他的熱情就持續增長,最終成為他的專業。這個攝影系列的名稱「正投影(Ornitographies)」,是從「鳥(bird)」和「寫(writing)」的兩個字的希臘文「鳥(Ornis」和「寫(Graphia)」組合而來的。Xavi Bou認為他的作品是藝術和科學的交集,將照片化為視覺詩篇。


請往下觀賞Xavi Bou的攝影系列「正投影(Ornitographies)」的作品。想瞭解關於更多Xavi Bou的技法以及他所探索的地區資訊,或是想觀賞更多Xavi Bou的攝影作品,請前往:XaviBou.com| facebook