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An Alien-like skull has just been found in a cave in Southern Peru




An Alien-like skull has just been found in a cave in Southern Peru and researchers, and author Brien Foerstertells more about the bizarre alien-like skull. “…though easy to dismiss as a fake, created to appear to be an anomalous life form, is composed of bone, with a thick hard layer of grey-colored skin like material. It was allegedly found in a cave in the southern desert of Peru along with other related artifacts…”


一個激似外星人的頭骨在祕魯南部的洞穴中被發現,研究人員們以及作家 Brien Foerster更進一步描述這個奇異的、激似外星人的頭骨:「…  雖然這個頭骨很容易被認為是個假貨,刻意仿造外星生命體,似是由骨頭以及像灰色皮膚的厚硬素材做成。據說它是在一個祕魯南部沙漠的洞穴中,與其他相關的工藝品一起被發現的。…」


What appears to be a mummified skull of a strange creature has recently been discovered in a cave in southern Peru reports researcher and author Brien Foerster.

The strange-looking skull will be sent out to a lab to verify whether or not it is real or just another hoax.

While easily dismissed as a hoax, the peculiar object has created an online debate where people are trying to figure out –without even seeing the alien-like skull in person— if or it is real.


一個木乃伊化的、屬於一種奇怪生物的頭骨最近在祕魯南部的洞穴中被發現,由研究人員以及作者Brien Foerster記述。這個奇怪的頭骨將會被送到實驗室檢驗真假,看看是否又是另一場騙局。這個容易被認為是謊言的特殊物體在網路上掀起一陣辯論,即使人們並沒有親眼看過這個頭骨,依然試圖分辨這個頭骨是否真的是外星人的遺骸。

His says:(因字數限制簡化過,原文是在他的網站上表示,並有連結。)

The above artifact, though easy to dismiss as a fake, created to appear to be an anomalous life form, is composed of bone, with a thick hard layer of gray colored skin like material. It was allegedly found in a cave in the southern desert of Peru along with other related artifacts.”


Brien Foerster他的網站上表示:「雖然這個頭骨很容易被認為是個假貨,刻意仿造外星生命體,似是由骨頭以及像灰色皮膚的厚硬素材做成。據說它是在一個祕魯南部沙漠的洞穴中,與其他相關的工藝品一起被發現的。」


In a YouTube Video, Brien Foerster discusses the peculiar object in detail:

I don’t know what to say and look forward to the possibility of seeing more specimens. The head appears to be made of bone with skin over the top. It has two eyes, but eyes it is nothing like a human, it is more amphibian or reptilian. The mouth seems to be so tiny that it does not even appear to be for feeding. It is a very mysterious thing, and I can’t imagine how those two specimens could be fake.”


在一個YouTube 影片中,Brien Foerster更仔細地描述這個特殊的物體:「我難以言喻,並期待看到更多的樣本。這個頭顱由骨骼構成,上有皮膚覆蓋。它有兩個和人類完全不同的眼睛,它的眼睛更像兩棲類或爬蟲類。它的嘴巴小到看似不是用來進食。這是一個如此神秘的物體,我無法想像那兩個樣本會是假的。」

The curious alien-like skull is only 13 centimeters in length.

Foerster further explains:



It appears to be about 13 centimeters long, and on the left-hand side, you can see exposed bone where the skin material has flaked off. Also, the eye sockets, on the right are exceedingly shallow. There is encrusted material, likely fine clay which is a common component in the desert sand of the Peruvian coast in the mouth, nostrils, and eyelids of the specimen. Clearly, it should be taken to a physician and/or veterinarian for professional examination.


這個精緻的、激似外星人的頭骨只有十三公分長。Brien Foerster進一步解釋:「它只有大約十三公分長,在左側,你可以看到骨頭從剝落的皮膚處露出。同時,你可以看到右眼窩處是如此極端地淺。上有殼一般的包覆物質,與秘魯沿海沙漠常見的,會跑進嘴裡、鼻孔、眼皮的細泥極為相似。很顯然,這個物體應該被送到醫師或獸醫處,進行專業的檢查。」


The above image, of the underside of the skull indicates that this artifact is bone, about 3 to 5 mm thick, and still has a stiff, gray, skin like material attached to it. 


Note the very narrow foramen magnum aperture where presumably a very thin vertebral system once entered the skull.


Though easy to state that it is a complex fake, the caretaker and those that presumably found it, along with other specimens, have no access to artisans or taxidermists that could have made them.


The caretaker removed some of the bone from the underpart of the skull and exposed what is presumably marrow. 



This, as well as the bone and skin can be sampled for DNA and radiocarbon testing in prominent laboratories in North America that we are working with already.”


上圖中,我們可以看到這個頭骨的下側是骨頭,大約三到五公釐厚,並且亦被灰色的厚硬物質附著。注意那個非常狹窄的枕骨大孔縫隙,推測是非常細的脊椎系統曾經穿進頭骨。雖然可以很簡單地認為它是一個精細的假貨,但從管理人到發現它以及其他樣本的人,都沒有和可以造出這些的工匠及標本製作者接觸。管理者移開一些這個頭骨下部的骨頭,可以看到一些推測是骨髓的物質露了出來。我們與北美的一些傑出的實驗室合作,可採集樣本的骨頭以及皮膚,進行DNA 檢測和放射性碳測試。」



Mummies of Aliens Found in Peruvian Desert – Alien Skull 2016 – Brien Foerster, Thierry Jamin




2016 年,Brien FoersterThierry Jamin




Brien concluded: This closeup view of the damaged underside of the specimen shows the exposed bone as well as marrow. Plans are in the works for DNA as well as radiocarbon testing of the specimen in major labs in North America.”


Brien Foerster總結:「這個樣本下部破損部位的近照,顯示暴露的骨頭以及骨髓。目前計劃在北美的大實驗室進行DNA 檢測以及放射性碳測試。」