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Retired NASA Employee witnessed meeting with between Tall Aliens and Astronauts”

退休NASA 員工曾目擊太空人和高大外星人的會面 

According to accounts from Clark McClelland, he witnessed a mysterious meeting between NASA astronauts and tall alien beings during the time he worked as a spacecraft operator at the Kennedy Space Center. McClelland was allegedly involved in over hundreds of missions with the Mercury, Apollo and Space Shuttle programs, and it was during the ‘modern era’ when he witnessed a meeting between a NASA astronaut and an Alien.

According to a statement, McClelland was monitoring the mission from his desk when he saw something not meant for his eyes’.


根據Clark McClelland的說法,當他在肯尼迪太空中心(Kennedy Space CenterKSC,又譯甘迺迪太空中心)擔任太空船操作員時,他目擊了一場NASA 太空人和高大外星人神秘的會面。Clark McClelland稱他曾參與超過百件任務包括水星計劃、阿波羅登月計劃和太空梭計劃,他是在近代(modern era)目擊NASA 太空人與一個外星人見面。


根據陳述內容,當Clark McClelland看到不可思議的畫面時,他正在他的位置上執行監控任務。


 I, Clark C. McClelland, former ScO [Spacecraft Operator], Space Shuttle Fleet, personally observed an 8 to 9 foot tall ET on his 27-inch video monitors while on duty in the Kennedy Space Center, Launch Control Center (LCC). The ET was standing upright in the Space Shuttle Payload Bay having a discussion with two tethered US NASA astronauts! I also observed on my monitors, the spacecraft of the ET as it was in a stabilized, safe orbit to the rear of the Space Shuttle main engine pods. I observed this incident for about one minute and seven seconds. Plenty of time to memorize all that I was observing. It was an ET and alien starship,” he wrote on his website



Clark McClelland 在他的網站上寫到:「我,Clark C. McClelland,前太空船操作員(ScO ),太空梭小隊,個人目擊一個8 9 英尺高的外星人,當時我在肯尼迪太空中心的發射控制中心(Launch Control CenterLCC))執行任務,從27 寸的視訊螢幕上看到這個畫面。外星人當時正直立在太空梭的酬載艙與兩名NASA 太空人進行對話!從我的螢幕中,我也觀察到,外星人的飛船正處在穩定、安全的軌道上,當時就在太空梭主發動機艙的後方。我觀察這一切大約1 分7 秒久。充足的時間讓我能記下所有觀察到的東西。那真的是外星人還有外星船艦。」



According to McClelland he wasn’t the only one who saw the mysterious creature approach the astronaut and he wasn’t mistaken by what he had seen. A friend and coworker of McClelland said that he too had seen the same alien being inside the crew’s shuttle compartment.


Clark McClelland表示他不是唯一一個目擊這場太空人和神秘生命的接觸的人,而且他並沒有誤解他看到的一切。他的一位同事朋友也看到一樣外星人在船員的太空梭艙內。


NASA hasn’t responded to the accusations nor have they denied that McClelland was employed by the agency. His story certainly is interesting and he states that he even has images and documents that support his claims about the lengthy career at the agency.

McClelland also claims that NASA isn’t a civilian agency and that it’s far more mysterious than we could ever imagine.

The Pentagon owns NASA. Some of the DoD (Department of Defense) missions I participated in were top-secret. Those missions carried TS(找不到是什麼的縮寫)Satellites and other space mission hardware into orbit where several crews met withETs.


NASA 對此並沒有任何回應,也沒有表示Clark McClelland是不是NASA 的前員工。Clark McClelland的故事很絕對是有趣的,而且他表示他有支持他聲明的圖片和文件,是他漫長職業生涯的證明。Clark McClelland也表示Nasa 不是一個民間機構,並且它神秘的程度超乎我們能想像的。他說:「五角大廈擁有NASA。有些我曾參與的美國國防部(United States Department of DefenseDODDoD)的任務是最高機密。搭載TS 人造衛星的任務,以及其他送硬體進軌道的太空任務都有組員與外星人見面。」


The fact that NASA isn’t a civilian agency speaks a lot about the people working with NASA. This is also one of the key factors why classified documents about Alien Life and UFO’s have remained a secret.

McClelland also states that he developed a close friendship with former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell, a firm believer in Alien life and UFOS, and the sixth man to walk on the moon. Edgar Mitchell believes that aliens are definitely on Earth, and that these beings have been visiting us for thousands of years.


NASA 並不是民間機構的事實解釋了NASA 的一些合作對象。這也是關鍵的事實,解釋了為何關於外星生命和不明飛行物( UFO ) 的文件被保密。Clark McClelland也表示,他和前NASA 太空人Edgar Mitchell有很好的情誼,Edgar Mitchell是一個外星生命和不明飛行物的堅信者,也是第六個在月球表面行走的人。Edgar Mitchell相信外星人絕對存在於地球,而且外星人已經來訪地球幾千年了。


During a conference in 1998, Mitchell said 90 percent sure that many of the thousands of UFOs recorded since the 1940s belong to visitors from other planets.”

According to UFOlogists, all of the above claims seem to be backed up by the fact how NASA has become extremely sensitive with the onboard cameras of the International Space Station. In the last twelve months over a dozen of USO, sightings have been registered in Space. Every time the cameras of the ISS pick up a UFO, NASA quickly cuts the live feed preventing people from seeing what’s going on up there.


在1998 年的會議中,Edgar Mitchell說:「自從1940 年代後記錄到的那些成千的不明飛行物,有九成的確信是來自其他星球的訪客。」


根據不明飛行物專家的說法,所有上述提到的一切似乎都支持一個事實,一個關於NASA 對於國際太空站上安裝的攝影機變得極度敏感。在過去的十二個月中,許多不明飛行物在宇宙中被目擊。每次國際太空站(ISS )捕捉到不明飛行物,NASA 就立刻切斷直播,以免人們看到發生的事。


But he is just one of the many astronauts and governmental officials who believe that human beings aren’t alone in the cosmos.

So, what do you think about McClelland and his statements? Is it possible that he is yet another person who has come forward with real evidence that proves Alien Life is all over the cosmos? What if, McClelland’s accounts are true?


但是他只是相信人類在宇宙中並不孤獨的太空人和政府官員的其中一位。所以,你對Clark McClelland的說法有什麼看法呢?他有可能是另一位進一步帶著真正的證據,證明外星生命充滿宇宙的人嗎?


如果Clark McClelland的說法是真的,會怎麽樣呢?