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俄國科學家表示發現一個在完美大理石棺材裡的女人,已有8 億年歷史

TRANSLATED FROM RUSSIAN:  In September 1969, at the village of Rzhavchik Tisulskago in the Kemerovo region, a very strange burial was discovered.

這篇文章是由俄文翻譯過來的:在1969 年的九月,在科麥羅沃州地區的Rzhavchik Tisulskago小村,發現了一個很奇怪的墓地。

During the stripping work at a coal mine in the core coal seam which lies at a depth of over 70 metres, miner Karnaukhov discovered a marble casket of amazingly accurate mechanical manufacture.

The casket was brought to the surface and workers began to open it by pecking on the edges of the fossilized putty. Not so much from the blows, but from the effects of solar heat, the putty melted into a clear liquid and flowed.


當時煤礦坑中正在超過70 公尺深的地方對主要煤層進行開採,礦工Karnaukhov發現了一個大理石棺材,這副棺材是以不可思議的精確程度,用機械製造出來的。




This was a shock to all who saw it. the coffin was filled to the brim with pink-blue crystal clear liquid.

In it lay a slim, unusually beautiful woman — who looked about thirty, with a fine European features and large, wide-open blue eyes. It seemed that she was not dead, but sleeping.

At her head was a black, rectangular metal box, rounded at one end (something like a cell phone), of approximately 25 to 10 cm in size.

However, in less than 24 hours the mysterious finding was reported in the district centre.

The fire brigade, the military, and militia all confirmed the discovery. Then the authorities sealed off the place and quarantined all who touched the coffin, even those who had been standing near.


這景象震驚了所有看到的人。這棺材的邊緣充滿了粉藍的、如水晶般的清澈液體。裡頭躺著一個苗條、擁有不尋常美貌的女性,她看起來大約在三十歲左右,有歐洲人精細的外貌特徵,一雙大大的,張大的藍色眼睛。就好像她沒有死,只是在沉睡。在她的頭上有一個黑色的、長方形的金屬盒,有一端是圓的(看起來像一個手機),約25 到10 公分的大小。






According to eyewitnesses, here is what happened:


The coffin was transferred into the helicopter, but the burden was too heavy, so they decided to make it easier by removing the liquid.

After pumping the fluid out of the coffin, the corpse began to blacken right in front of their eyes. So then the liquid was again poured in, and the blackness rapidly disappeared.

Then, after a minute, the cheeks blushed again, and the mortal remains of the corpse returned their lifelike appearance.

The coffin was closed and another helicopter was brought in to transport the remnants of the land putty in cellophane bags.

Five days later, an elderly professor said that this discovery would turn their very understanding of history upside down. When Soviet scientists would published their findings, the scientific world would be plunged into shock.






The age of the burial, according to the professor, was at least 800 million years old! The woman was older than the coal, having been buried as the coal formed around her coffin. Even by the evolutionary dating criteria, this refuted the Darwinian theory of evolution.

So it boils down to these two alternatives:

1   Either man, the final art-piece of evolution, was on earth earlier than the “coal age” (claimed variously to be 65 to 800 million years ago),

2   Or coal was not formed as early as 65 to 800 million years ago, but much more recently, during the “recent” age of man.




  1. 人類,進化的頂端,最後的藝術品,比煤時代(被認為在六千五百萬年前到八億年前)還要早存在。
  2. 或者,煤並沒有那麼早形成,沒有在六千五百萬年前到八億年前就形成,而是在近期的人類時代形成。


Either way, the evolution theory is in trouble.


The level of civilization in the time of this woman was probably far more advanced than ours.




How the villagers were silenced?


Despite the efforts of the authorities, among the people in the village were fighters for truth.  But, they all died of heart failure or car crashes.」



In 1973, on the shores and islands of Lake Berchikul, The site was surrounded by soldiers and police.  After a long period of time, one guest worker slightly drunk, and said that an ancient cemetery was discovered on the islands.


在1973 年,Berchikul湖的沿岸和島嶼被軍人和警察包圍。在很長一段時間之後,有一位外籍勞工在輕微酒醉後,說那裡有一個古老的墓地在島上被發現。

Something to consider!


The Darwinism and the whole evolution theory have already too many ‘plot holes’.If Darwinian theory were true, “we should be able to find some cases of speciation in the fossil record, with one line of descent dividing into two or more. And we should be able to find new species forming in the wild.”(source)

Maybe we’ve even evolved on a different planet, like Mars, and migrated here due to unknown reasons.

Our history might be A LOT more deeper than we could have ever imagined.

Here is the Russian documentary about this storyfrom where the information was sourced and translated.










關於這位 「Tisulsky 公主」(Tisulsky Princess)故事的影片: