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The enigmatic Acambaro Figurines: Evidence that humans coexisted with dinosaurs?


Controversial figurines. This famous Acámbaro figurine depicts what a human apparently riding a dinosaur. Source: Creative Commons

具爭議的雕像。這個知名的阿坎巴羅雕像很明顯是一個人類騎在恐龍身上。(圖片來源:Creative Commons


The Acambaro figurines are a collection of more than 32,000 pieces of strange looking figurines discovered in the municipality of Acambaro, Mexico. Some of these artifacts depict humans coexisting with dinosaurs. 

Have you ever wondered if people on Earth coexisted with dinosaurs in the distant past?  It is commonly accepted by mainstream scholars that Dinosaurs roamed the earth between 220 million and 65 million years ago during the Mesozoic Era.

Mankind –homosapiens specifically— appeared on Earth some 200,000 years ago. However, while this timeline is accepted in the scientific community, numerous discoveries point to a  much different past, and that humanity and dinosaurs coexisted on Earth.


阿坎巴羅雕像是32000 件奇怪雕像的其中一個系列,這些雕像是在墨西哥的阿坎巴羅的直轄市中發現的。這些工藝品有些呈現了人類和恐龍共存的情況。你曾想過人類是否曾和恐龍在遠古的時候共存過?主流學者的說法是,恐龍在2.2 億到六千五百萬年前的中生代生存在地球上。人類則是在200,000年前出現在地球上。然而,雖然這樣的時間表被科學界接受,許多發現卻得出一個不同的過去,也就是人類和恐龍曾在地球上共存。


One of the most interesting examples are the strange Acambaro Figurines.

In 1944 Waldemar Julsrud, a German merchant made a clamorous discovery in Acambaro, a small Mexican town located less than 300 kilometers northwest of Mexico, in the province of Guanajuato.


Julsrud ordered his employee to dig up and bring all the similar pieces he could find. A few days later, Tinajero appeared with dozens of strange artifacts.

The figurines were discovered in groups of 20 to 40 inside wells at a depth of around two meters below the surface.

However, the figurines were not located within funerary wells, since only 6 skulls were found during the excavations. According to Mr. Julsrud’s hypothesis, it seems that they had been buried in a hurry to avoid being plundered by the first Spanish settlers.


最有趣的一個例子之一是奇怪的阿坎巴羅雕像。在1944 年時,一個德國商人Waldemar Julsrud在阿坎巴羅有了驚人的發現,阿坎巴羅是墨西哥的一個小鎮,距墨西哥北端的距離小於300 公里,在瓜納華托省裡。


Waldemar Julsrud要他的員工去挖掘,能找到多少相似的東西就拿回來多少,於是員工Tinajero就帶回來很多奇怪的雕像。這些雕像在井裡離地表約兩公尺深的地方被挖到,每20 到40 個一組。


然而,這些雕塑並不是井葬的陪葬物,因為只有六具骸骨在挖掘時被發現。根據Waldemar Julsrud的假設,這些工藝品好像是被匆忙埋起來以避免第一批西班牙人的搜刮。


More than 33 500 objects (mostly made of ceramics), stone, jade, and obsidian Mr. Julsrud gladly showed the figurines to anyone who as interested in studying them, however, the scientific community refused to accept them as authentic, because of their curious depictions: They represent, among other things, dinosaurs, unknown animals, reptiles, some have avian characteristics. Interestingly, certain figurines even seem to indicate a form of domestication of small reptiles and dinosaurs, large-sized monkeys, and many represent unknown divinities.

However, not everyone refused to believe so. One researcher became interested in this discovery: Charles Hapgood, professor of history and anthropology at the University of New Hampshire.


超過33500件(他們大部分用陶瓷做成)的石頭、玉、黑曜石,Waldemar Julsrud很樂意將這些物品秀給對它們有興趣、想研究的人看,然而,科學界不接受它們,認為它們是假的,因為它們描繪的奇怪景象:它們呈現了恐龍、不知名的動物、爬行動物,有些有鳥類的特徵。有趣的是,某些物品似乎呈現了馴化的小型爬蟲類和恐龍,大型猴子,以及許多不知名的神。


然而,並不是所有人都拒絕相信。有一位研究人員對這個感到有興趣:Charles Hapgood,新罕布夏大學的歷史以及人類學教授。


One of the Acambaro figurines. Source.

其中一個阿坎巴羅雕像。(圖片來源: Source


Carbon-14 dating performed in 1968 by the New Jersey Laboratory of Isotopes showed that the figurines date between 1100 and 4500 B.C.

In 1972, the thermoluminescence dating method by the University of Pennsylvania on 2 figurines placed the figurines to around 2,500 B.C.

Mainstream dogma states that dinosaurs –all of them— disappeared around 65 million years ago. But, why must have all dinosaurs disappeared from our planet while other species survived?

It is therefore officially impossible for men who lived 3,000, 4,500 or even 6,500 years to have been able to describe and manufacture figurines representing animals that were discovered in Mexico.

In 1954, the Mexican government sent a team of archaeologists, led by Dr. Eduardo Noguerain, to investigate the site and excavate in another location, where other figurines were found.

They verified the authenticity of the site, saying what an incredible discovery Julsrud had made. However, 3 weeks later, in their report, they deny the authenticity of Julsrud’s figurines because they represent dinosaurs.


1968年由紐澤西同位素實驗室執行的碳-14 鑑定顯示,這些雕像的年代在西元前1100 年到4500 年間。在1972 年的時候,由賓州大學執行的熱釋光(Thermoluminescence年代鑑定顯示,被鑑定的兩件雕像的年代大約在西元前2500 年。


主流學者的信條是,所有的恐龍在六千五百萬年前都消失了。但是為什麼當其他物種還存活時,唯有恐龍完全消失在地球上呢?所以,或許有些人類在地球上存續了3000、4500 或甚至6500 年,而且他們曾造出一些描述在墨西哥發現的物種的雕像。


在1954 年時,墨西哥政府派了一隊考古學家,由Eduardo Noguerain博士領導,去另一個地點調查並挖掘,然後其他的雕像被發現了。他們證實了遺址的真實性,表示Waldemar Julsrud的發現很驚人。然而,三個禮拜後,一份報告表示他們否定Waldemar Julsrud的雕像的真實性,因為它們呈現了恐龍。


Authentic or not?



In 1952, archaeologist Charles DiPeso, affiliated with the Amerind Foundation of Arizona, visited the area, studied the collection and observed the excavators during his work. According to DiPeso, If they had been authentic relics, they would have been scratched and broken like the rest of artifacts found in that area of Mexico.


Some archaeologists have come forward saying that, if the Acambaro figures are genuine, then they might actually be representations of stylized non-saurian animals, or mythical monsters and not dinosaurs as many have claimed.

While it is possible that mankind did coexist in the distant past with dinosaurs, the discovery of the Acambaro figurines is not considered by mainstream scholars as the ultimate evidence that proves it.


在1952 年,附屬於亞利桑那州印地安基金會的考古學家 Charles DiPeso,拜訪了那個地區。他研究那系列的工藝品,並且觀察以及挖掘。Charles DiPeso表示,如果它們是真的文物,它們應該會有刮傷和破損,就像其他在那個地區發現的墨西哥文物一樣。有些考古學家說,如果阿坎巴羅雕像是真的,那麼他們或許真的呈現了風格化的非蜥蜴生物,或者是神秘的怪獸,但不是所謂的恐龍。雖然人類和恐龍真的曾經在遠古共存,阿坎巴羅雕像還是不被主流學者認為是可以證明那樣的過去的最終證據。