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This Is the Holographic AI Servant of Your Dreams…or Maybe Your Nightmares

這是你夢想中的全息攝影人工智慧女僕… 或是你的惡夢



   •     Azuma Hikari is a 58-cm hologram and virtual assistant created by Japanese tech company Gatebox (這裡的訊息似乎有遺漏,補充在翻譯)that comes with a $2,600 price tag.

   •     Azuma is built with a machine learning algorithm that helps her recognize her “master’s” voice, learn his sleeping habits, and send him messages through Gatebox’s native chat app.




逢妻光(Azuma Hikari)是一個58 公分高的全息(hologram)虛擬助手,由日本科技公司Viclu研發的Gatebox全息投影智能管家,要價美金2600 元。


逢妻光內建機器學習演算法(machine learning algorithm),這可以幫助她辨識「主人」的聲音、學習主人的睡眠習慣,並且可透過Gatebox的聊天app 傳訊息給主人。





The video below might look like a movie trailer for a film like Her. Well, it’s not. This guy really has a hologram for a friend that calls him darling” and checks up on him like an overprotective mother.

The hologram is Azuma Hikari, a 20-year old, 58-cm hologram created by Japanese tech company Gatebox. (這裡的訊息有遺漏,補充在翻譯)The functions of this virtual home robot are a little more varied than Amazon’s Alexa. Azuma can send you text messages throughout the day asking you to come home early (who needs a paycheck, right?), and reminds you to bring an umbrella with you (thanks mom).

According toher profile, She is a comforting character that is great to those living alone. She will always do all she can just for the owner.” How thoughtful and sweet. Except she comes with a $2,600 price tag (and her US version will be sold for $3,000). So, caring for her owner” is the least she can do, right?


以下的影片或許看起來像一個電影預告片,例如「雲端情人(Her )」的預告片。這個嘛,它並不是。影片中的男人真的有一個全息攝影的朋友,這個朋友會叫他「達令」,並且會像一個過度保護的母親一樣關注他。


這個全息攝影人物叫做逢妻光(Azuma Hikari ),她20 歲,58 公分高,是由日本科技公司Viclu 研發的Gatebox 全息投影智能管家。這個虛擬家庭機器人的功能,比亞馬遜的語音助手AlexaAmazon’s Alexa)多了些多樣性。逢妻光可以整天傳訊息給你,要你早點回家(好像主人不用賺錢一樣),並且提醒你要記得帶雨傘(謝了,媽媽)。


根據她的檔案,「她是一個安撫人心的角色,對於那些獨自生活的人是很棒的角色。她總是會為她的主人竭盡所能。」多麽周到甜美呀。只是她要價美金2600 元(美國售價則是美金3000 元)。所以,至少她能照顧她的「主人」,對吧?



Gatebox – Virtual Home Robot [PV]_english

Gatebox虛擬家庭機器人(PROMOTION VIDEO)英文版







請前往www.youtube.com觀看這部影片,或在瀏覽器中啟用JavaScript (如果尚未啟用)





The hologram bot is based on a Japanese anime character, but she isn’t going to be the only character for Gatebox. From the looks of the website, the company is going to make other characters available, presumably also from anime.

Azuma’s hologram appears inside the main tube body of Gatebox, projected at a 1280 x 720 resolution. The hardware itself weighs 5kg, has stereo speakers, a microphone, and a camera mounted on top. Azuma is built with a machine learningalgorithm, that helps her recognize her “master’s” voice, learn his sleeping habits, and send him messages through Gatebox’s native chat app.

Perhaps Azuma will work for some, but she might not cut it for others — going home to a cartoonish AI hologram could take some getting used to. Anyway, Gatebox is certainly trying to disrupt the virtual assistant space. However, we still seem to be far from that holographic projection that we’re really be looking for.

For now, let’s just put Azuma with Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Home — a strangely almost-all-female list of virtual assistants.


這個全息機器人的原型是一個日本動畫角色,但是她不會是Gatebox 全息投影智能管家的唯一角色。在官網上可以看到,這家公司正在創造更多角色,大概也會是動畫角色。


逢妻光的全息影像位在Gatebox的管狀本體中,它的投影分辨率是  1280 x 720。硬體本身重5 公斤,有立體揚聲器、一個麥克風,以及一個安裝在頂部的攝影機。逢妻光內建機器學習演算法(machine learning algorithm),這可以幫助她辨識「主人」的聲音、學習主人的睡眠習慣,並且可透過Gatebox的聊天app 傳訊息給主人。


或許逢妻光會符合某些人的需求,但是對其他人來說並不能。回到家與一個卡通模樣的全息攝影人工智慧在一起,會是一件需要適應的事情。無論如何,Gatebox 全息投影智能管家無疑試圖分瓜虛擬助手這塊大餅。然而,我們離真正想要達到的全息攝影項目還很遠。


目前,讓我們把逢妻光(Azuma Hikari ),一個很奇怪地幾乎只有女性角色的虛擬助手系列,的與亞馬遜的語音助手Alexa Amazon’s Alexa )、蘋果的Siri(Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface)、微軟的語音助理Cortana,以及Google 的Google Home 智慧音箱並列在一起。



Credits: Gatebox